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European Newspaper Award

2021 January 13 Wednesday | 10:21 am

Bolzano – for the 15th time “Catholic Sontagsblatt” received an international award for its design – for a total of four front pages.

The “European Newspaper Awards” have been held 22 times this year. This year it is a European newspaper design competition attended by 164 newspapers from 25 countries. There were more than 4000 submissions in 20 categories of the competition.

The European Newspaper Award is presented by newspaper designer Norbert Copper. It is considered to be the largest newspaper competition in Europe. The aim is to show the international trends in newspapers in print and online and to promote the exchange of creative ideas in Europe. In addition, the competition seeks to network European newspapers, address newspaper design and journalism as key areas of newspaper production, and contribute to continuous improvement by measuring with competition.

This year’s jury will consist of 18 journalists, scientists and designers from Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Great Britain and Germany.

A list of all award winners is available at www.newspaper-award.org. The award ceremony will be held on 7./8 within the framework of a Congress. June in Vienna. The editors of “SonTogsblot” are happy with the award and know that they are on the right track with their graphic line.

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