Sui Deschanel abducted by an alien in Katy Perry’s ‘Not the End of the World’ video

Sui Deschanel abducted by an alien in Katy Perry's 'Not the End of the World' video

Katy Perry has recruited a looklik to star in her latest music video.

The 36-year-old lyricist joked about the comparison between himself and Sui Des Channel for his latest music video, pairing it with the song “Not the End of the World”.

Perry opens the video on Des Channel (40) reading a newspaper as he walks his baby on a stroller.

Cut to space, where a pair of blue aliens track down the lyricist in hopes of kidnapping him.

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However, when Perry and Descennel pass briefly, the aliens attract the wrong celebrities.

Inside the spacecraft, the “New Girl” star is greeted by a large group of aliens who believe they are Perry.

DesChannel is trying to explain the misconception, but it does not seem to exist.

The aliens explain that this is the end of the world because Earth saved the star an hour before it destroyed itself.

DesChannel is trying to help save the planet from two aliens responsible for the wrongful abduction.

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The star fits one of Perry’s iconic looks – a bright blue wig. Features more references to the 2014 hit album “Teenage Dream”, including nodes to the “California Girls” music video.

DesChannel can pull a plug that disconnects the Earth’s Internet.

“The earth is saved!” Reading a monitor on the ship.

“Wind! Wind! Wind!” DesChannel and the aliens celebrate as they shout.

The “Elf” actress lip-syncs the song while wearing a cosmic-themed outfit for the aliens. They enjoy it out loud when they give a wink to a desk channel camera.

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“Not the End of the World” was released earlier this year as part of Perry’s latest album, Smile.

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This summer Perry welcomed his daughter Daisy, just before the August 28 release of the album.

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