Subsidies for permanent residence in rural areas

Subsidies for permanent residence in rural areas

In Portugal, 390 km off the Atlantic coast, in the heart of the Serra da Estrela Nature Park, in the mountain village of Wiedmont, Andrea Proyense leaves Porto, the second city in the country.

He is one of about 3,000 Portuguese professionals who have so far sought to revitalize the country’s rural areas with the grants of the Socialist Government. A measure that now benefits all European teleworkers – and all individuals holding a valid work visa, regardless of their nationality, Describe it Financial Times.

“When Kovid came, I was living alone in a rented room in Porto. I thought I could have a better quality of life in the countryside with my family. Explain Andrea Proence.

Offers with conditions

The, 4,800 allocated for rural employment is enough to cover the annual rent of a small house in a Portuguese village. Andrea Proynes can use the co-worker space set up in the recently converted public building to work and accommodate remote workers. It is located in the village square and in addition to the fully equipped open space, the building also includes a kitchen, showers and two guest rooms.

Small towns and more or less desolate villages across Europe and the United States are trying to catch the wave of telework to attract a new population, young people, relatives, and the potential to revive the local economy in the aftermath. In addition to Portugal, it is reported to be particularly located in Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, Greece and Croatia. Financial Times.

Most of the grants allocated are relatively modest, the newspaper said. In Croatia, Zeljko Premec, 32, was granted 3 3,500 to enable him to pay a deposit to buy a house in a village. In the United States, the State of Vermont offers candidates a maximum of $ 7,500 (6 6,700) – only a fraction of the installation cost. But there are exceptions.

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Arbignon Village, Wallis Canton, 2017, Switzerland For example, anyone who wants to settle down is offered 25,000 Swiss francs (, 24,250). “The agreement includes a cash bonus for families with children.”

But all rehabilitation offers come with strings attached. At Arbignon, job seekers are committed to ten years’ living and investing at least 200,000 francs (,000 194,000) in local real estate. In Portugal, the only condition is to stay for at least a year.

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