Subscription Based Entertainment Here to Stay?

With the big shift to online for almost everything media based, and many of these choices also coming in with subscription options too, the almost immediate answer is a clear yes – but there’s some more complexity behind it, as other services still offer a choice too. That isn’t to talk about things like online gaming platforms particularly for games of chance like those found at amongst many others where regular deposits are required, or others that have optional microtransactions to alter or enhance the experience, but more to those that either require a subscription for one purpose or another, or those offered at no cost which should otherwise have one.

Music and video streaming are the obvious suggestions here – platforms like Spotify, Netflix, Prime, and Apple Music are amongst the biggest in the world boasting hundreds of millions of users between them, and the subscription costs of these only look to continue increasing gradually over time, and as more services look to emerge with their own subscription costs too this will look to increase. This has become a problem where non-unique content is concerned too, as individuals look to cut costs and trim back which subscriptions they have offer, some of these services could look to lose users in the future and is something that has been seen already.

Other big platforms that have an optional subscription include platforms like YouTube or Twitch which have grown particularly fast with their own integrated streaming options too, the subscription services are aimed at content creators individually but options to remove ads and other features are also in place for those willing to pay – it looks as if these services have no intention of introducing mandatory costs and will remain free, and help to offset the growing number of subscription costs out there.

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For now, it certainly looks like the introduction or growth of cost for most existing services will stick around, it is so profitable after all, with some already taking a step back from certain promises such as the straight to streaming movie releases, and the services that are able to offer something more unique will look to pull ahead, with newer platforms like Disney+ already doing extremely well in the short term with over 100 million users registered in under 2 years largely in part to the exclusive content, but whether or not this approach is sustainable in the long term is yet to be seen – this big shift to subscription based entertainment and software is still relatively new, and there will undoubtably be a lot of change to the way these systems work before they inevitably settle into what future services have on hand.

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