Stunning view of the Earth from a space mission

Stunning view of the Earth from a space mission

Historical The “Inspiration” mission began, With four “amateur astronauts”, the view of the Earth is nothing else. Capsule Crew Dragon “Inspiration 4”, The Resistance vehicle entered a circular orbit 585 km above the Earth. It is the highest ever reached by a crew dragon and is approximately 185 km above the route taken by the International Space Station.

The view from there is special, as shown in the pictures published by SpaceX on Thursday morning.

In a video posted on Twitter by one of the Reliance cameras, the earth is recorded The glass comes out from the back of the dome Installed by SpaceX on capsule, for mission crew.

For the first time in history, this is the first tourist and space mission without a professional astronaut on board.

Launch window opened Greek time Thursday 03:00, “Space X” capsule launched from Florida.

The team of amateurs will stay in space for three days, enjoying the unique experience of observing the Earth from a distance.

Travel Jared Isaacman, an American billionaire businessman, gave the money, Who … started the spacewalk with three collaborators: a health care worker, a scientist, and a data analyst.

The 51-year-old geo-scientist, Cian Proctor, a former candidate for NASA’s astronaut, has been appointed as the mission’s “pilot”, while 29-year-old Hayley Arsinox, a bone cancer and paramedical staff member. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and 42-year-old Chris Zebrowski are U.S. Air Force veterans and aerospace data engineers.

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According to Time Magazine, The Isaacman, 38 He is estimated to have paid about $ 200 million to Elon Musk’s company for the trip.

After the billionaires’ space travels, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson, The mission of paying customers to find themselves in a weightless state opens its doors.

Four passengers underwent six months of rigorous preparation, including training in micro-gravity, simulators and emergency exercises.

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