Stunning educational film on the children’s channel – Byrne, Astro Bread in space

Traumkarriere im Kinderkanal: Bernd, das Astrobrot, im Weltall (KiKA/bumm film)

Bernd understands that he needs professional experience as a scientist or engineer and that he knows both English and Russian. During training, he wears an astronaut suit with a fake NASA logo with the words “Astrobrot” on it.

During a parabolic flight, he floats lightly through an aircraft cabin, obtains a pilot’s license and trains underwater – all like training for people.

For example, May Jamieson, the first African-American woman in space, and Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, and the first bitch in orbit, Laika, are still allowed to fly into space, albeit destructively.

Tim Peake not only looks through it, but Bernd, Astro Bread: ISS Observation Dome (Picasa / ESA)

The historical text says, “Houston, we have a loaf of bread.”

An astronaut complains of completely broken air conditioning – in fact, the bread has to stick in space so the crumbs don’t flow through the modules. At the space station, a flying roll baked without further ado is annoying.

As Burn is so busy and loud in space, he returns to Earth with a transport capsule full of garbage.

Kika Film shows that space travel is not for everyone, regardless of whether they are people or bread.

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