Stunning black holes disappear quickly. Scientists think it’s floating in space, science news

Stunning black holes disappear quickly.  Scientists think it's floating in space, science news

Black holes amaze scientists, because many mysteries still revolve around celestial bodies, cosmic phenomena that astonish astronomers!

The supermassive black holes previously thought to be in the center of a distant galaxy suddenly disappeared.

The official name “A2261-BCG” seems to have lost its black hole. Scientists now believe that black holes are floating in space, and this is the first recorded case.

This is probably the first “echo” black hole to float across the universe.

Scientists believe there may be a strong force emanating from somewhere in the galaxy behind the ejection of this supermassive black hole. The power of this force is enough to drive away the black hole!

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North American University researchers observe space event

According to scientists, every galaxy in the universe has at least one supermassive black hole at its center. This includes our Milky Way.

A team from the University of Michigan recently published a study on black hole recording in the Journal of the American Astronomical Society.

Dr. Keihan Gultekin discovered that the black hole had suddenly disappeared. He had been studying A2261-BCG for some time when something unexpected happened.

In a conversation with the motherboard, the doctor said he suspected he had seen something in the center of a distant galaxy but found nothing.

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A team of scientists who have not been able to observe them believe that lions may be hiding somewhere in the galaxy.

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It takes a lot of force to push a black hole out of position, and scientists claim that it was caused by a collision between two amazing black holes.

However, this is difficult to prove, because we have never seen two supermassive black holes collide before.

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