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Study in Ireland: The Complete Guide

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Studying in Ireland today means following a quality university course and improving your English in a friendly and multicultural environment.

Ireland is an increasingly popular destination for students. This small European country welcomes more and more international students every year. It is estimated that around a quarter of students at Irish universities are foreign nationals. After Brexit, a Genuine enthusiasm for Irish universities. It must be said that Ireland is an attractive country to study in as it is English speaking and a member of the European Union and Eurozone.

Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland

Higher education in Ireland

Ireland has some of the best schools in Europe and the world. Reputed and inexpensive universities compared to other parts of the English-speaking world.

Ireland has 8 public universities (Dublin City University, Maynooth University, NUI Galway, Trinity College Dublin, TU Dublin, University College Cork, University College Dublin, University of Limerick) and private colleges and institutes throughout the country. These institutes provide excellent education in all fields.

The Irish system is close to the European system of organizing LMD studies (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate) and therefore offers 3 levels of training: Bachelor’s degree (equivalent to lyceum, 2 or more years), Master (over 2 years) and PhD (Doctorate, 2 or more years). more than 3 years).

The higher education system in Ireland is organized into two cycles: undergraduate and postgraduate.

The undergraduate cycle (Bac+3 and Bac+4 levels) corresponds to the first university cycle. We prepare a Bachelor (equivalent to a Licentiate) and, specifically for Ireland, a Bachelor of Honors (equivalent to a Master 1).

Continuity of study after obtaining the first university degree is similar to that of a master’s degree. It prepares up to Master (Bac +5) and Doctorate (Bac +8).

Dublin City University
Dublin City University

How to go about studying in Ireland?

Actions to be taken

To join a course graduate (Bachelor and Bachelor of Honour), this process is done online with CAO (Central Application Office), Central Application Office. You can make many wishes.

Please note that there is a strict timetable for submitting your application on time. There are two registration sessions: usually, from November to February and then from March to May. But don’t delay, registering for the first session offers more opportunities. You maximize your chances of getting accepted into the course of your choice and the registration fee is not increased. At the end of May, the admission results will start coming and then you have time to confirm your selection.

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For registration in master’s degree (Master or Doctorate), apply directly after submitting an application to the respective university.

Once your file is accepted, you need to prepare your arrival. If you are a European citizen, administrative formalities are reduced.

Remember to apply for a European Health Insurance Card before you leave, and why not take out complementary health insurance to cover your health expenses abroad.

Study in Ireland after high school

It is possible to study in Ireland directly from the baccalaureate to the doctorate.

If you intend to study in Ireland after obtaining your baccalaureate, it will be on an “undergraduate” course, i.e. in the first university cycle. For a bachelor’s registration (licence equivalent), go to CAO.

The O'Reilly Library building at the Glasnevin Campus of Dublin City University
The O’Reilly Library building at the Glasnevin Campus of Dublin City University

Cost of Study in Ireland

Studying in Ireland is more accessible than in other Anglo-Saxon countries.

You have the possibility to study in Ireland for a low cost per course graduate. Indeed, the so-called FFI initiative (Free fee initiative) established by the government that there are no tuition fees for European citizens. You only need to pay the registration and administrative fees. Compared to the cost of a bachelor’s degree in the UK, for example, studying in Ireland is, so to speak, almost free.

However, the student budget varies by course, institution and city of residence. It is advisable to plan a large budget to finance your academic year. Allow an envelope of around €8,000 per year for rent, utilities, food costs, transport costs and leisure costs.

Please note that continuing your studies after a bachelor’s degree is a very significant expense. For a cycle master’s degree (For a Master’s student) No more concessions. Count between 10 and 25,000 euros per year depending on the region and the university.

Some will choose to continue their studies in Ireland after their bachelor’s and invest in their human capital. Of course, a study abroad course remains a real asset on your CV. Needless to say, mastering English opens up professional possibilities.

Maynooth University, Maynooth, Ireland
On the outskirts of Maynooth University, Ireland

How to get a scholarship in Ireland?

It is possible to study in Ireland for free as part of a university exchange. Ireland has been part of the Erasmus program since its inception. For an Erasmus student, there is no contribution to pay to the host university. Find out about the steps to take at your faculty’s international office.

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If you decide to come and study in Ireland on your own initiative, you can receive a study grant to help finance your project. Remember to check the SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland) website. To find out the eligibility criteria and apply for the scholarship. Don’t forget the help for international mobility offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, other ministries and your local council.

What level of English should I study in Ireland?

Good English language is required to access higher education courses. An inspection is mandatory. You must present TOEFL or IELTS and obtain the minimum score required for admission to the university of your choice. It is up to you to choose one or both certifications (or both) depending on your skills and the format of the tests. You should be notified of your result at the time of registration, so don’t wait to register for an exam session at a recognized language center.

Coumennool Beach, County Kerry, Ireland
Coumennool Beach, County Kerry, Ireland

Student life in Ireland

Students in Ireland

Ireland offers a safe and supportive environment for learning and communication. With the great diversity of its student body and the legendary hospitality of its residents, you will immediately feel at home.

Although the start of the academic year is often in early October, international students are invited in advance to a welcome and integration week to familiarize themselves with the courses and the workings of their new university. Opportunity to bond as soon as it arrives.

Studying in Ireland allows you to discover an English-speaking country that preserves its own culture. An extraordinary cultural heritage to explore at your leisure, not forgetting the protected nature.

If Ireland sticks to its past and tradition, it is also an innovative and dynamic country that attracts young talent and hosts the headquarters of many international companies (Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, etc.). Local and international students each participate in their own way in this fun and creative environment conducive to intellectual stimulation and simulation.

Howth, Dublin, Ireland
Howth, Dublin, Ireland

Student accommodation in Ireland

Most universities have a housing office (Accommodation Office), a good starting point for searching for suitable accommodation for international students.

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On campus

Some students opt for on-campus accommodation, which is available at many universities, although it can be difficult to find due to high demand.

The on-campus accommodation is to be paid in 2 installments in September and February. In most on-campus housing, you cannot pay your rent on a monthly basis. You will usually be required to pay a deposit of one month’s rent in advance, which will be refunded when you leave.

Rent or roommate

Students who want to be completely independent opt ​​for independent rental accommodation. Students pay their rent monthly in advance. At the start of the tenancy, you pay a deposit of one month’s rent, which is returned to you when you leave (provided you have not damaged the premises). The typical term of a lease is 9 or 12 months. If you break a lease without notice or if you do not honor the terms of the lease, you will lose your deposit. One month’s notice must be given before vacating the premises., the international student housing platform, enables direct communication between room advertisers and potential tenants. It is ideal for exchange and international students, as it guarantees that their room has been selected in their new country before their arrival, made possible through a secure booking system.

Accommodation is available at local newspapers and real estate agencies in towns. Websites such as or also contain a large portfolio of rental properties.

In the host family

Some students choose to live with a host family in their home. This way you have your freedom, but you still have the comforts of home (some rules) and a family to help you adjust to a new lifestyle in a new country.

Upper Lake Glendalough, Wicklow, Ireland
Upper Lake Glendalough, Wicklow, Ireland

Ireland is therefore a great option to study abroad in an Anglo-Saxon country. So close to France, the change of scenery can be total. Ireland is known for the warm welcome of its people and the beauty of its scenery, but even more so for its excellence in education.

If the advantages are many, choosing your university, your city (Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford, etc.) and your place of residence will require rigorous and meticulous preparation.

We hope this article has enlightened you a little!

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