Studies show that it is possible to boil water, which saves energy

Studies show that it is possible to boil water, which saves energy

A group of engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed a new method capable of boiling water faster. From studies focusing on the physical and chemical phenomena of matter, they were able to observe the behavior of matter. In the laboratory, the first tests have already begun with optimism.

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Previously, research members were aware of possible responses, facilitating experimentation. The final result depends on the interpretation of phenomena related to evaporation, which can be observed at home when there is something in the pan.

Despite the optimism, the operation is complex and should only be attempted in a hermetically safe environment, avoiding hazards. It is emphasized that this initiative is useful only when large amounts of material are manipulated.

By combining their knowledge of molecules, they were able to demonstrate the ability of induction boiling

In factories of various sectors, water is an indispensable raw material and there is usually no intervention in the heating process. Therefore, staff or a machine simply heats the contents. In this case, they do not try to change the heat flow, a thin layer of small bubbles is formed, which creates a resistance to the release of steam.

Considering chemical laws, they realized that by making small movements with a vessel, on the surface of water, boiling occurs in a short time. The idea was not to keep stirring, as happens in cooking preparations, but to create a superficial separation, providing ventilation for evaporation.

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This final analysis was published in the scientific journal Advanced Materials, which is considered of great value for the sustainable processes that large companies must adopt.

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