Students at Carlo School were told not to wear tight clothing during PE

Students at Carlo School were told not to wear tight clothing during PE

Students at a Carlo Secondary School have told teachers not to wear tight clothing with PE.

Presentation College Carlo spoke to all the female students in their year groups last Friday and asked them not to wear leggings or tight bottoms.

School-related parents have not yet received a response to the comments.

An online petition against the policy was signed by 3,500 people.

Students issued a notice at the school on Monday protesting the move.

Signs were posted at the presentation College Carlo on Monday

When a male student wore leggings to school, more students planned to do so on Friday.

This parent, who wants to remain anonymous, thinks his children are a disgrace to the body.

She said: “My 12-year-old said, ‘We have no ankles, no knees, no collarbones, and we’m basically not allowed to show any skin.’

“[She said] ‘We will always be safe’.

“The older girl, she’s 16 years old, told them to have more respect for themselves [than] Showing their body.

Speaking Lunch liveNewsstock reporter Casey O’Reilly said he was chatting with another parent who was outraged by the situation.

She said: “It went viral locally in Carlo over the weekend, with a lot of different parents expressing a lot of anger and questioning why. [period of time] We live. “

Reporting by Casey O’Reilly

Main image: File photo. Attribution: P.A.

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