Student Hendrik Gunther Jouch evokes embarrassing memories

Student Hendrik Gunther Jouch evokes embarrassing memories

“When you got in the chair, I was shocked,” said Gunther Jouch, “who wants to be a millionaire?” Hendrik agreed with Schufen, who appears harmless in the current version of. A psychology student from Munster could not help but watch Jouch’s spontaneous panic attack, but he doubted the connection: “Leon windshield?” When he was bought by millions as the eleventh candidate in 2016, this also comes from studying psychology at Jouch’s birthplace. This would not have been so tragic if Windshoeed had not bought a party ship later, he called it “MS Gunther” and the patron wanted it to be personally named.

Gunther Jouch: “It was a shame.”

After 57 years, he actually returned to his hometown – it took him five attempts to smash his own winery champagne bottle on the deck of the ship. “It was extremely embarrassing,” Jouch recalled in the RTL studio: “There was television, and on all of today’s breakdown shows, the whole thing still works up and down.” Hendrik Scheufen Jauch did not turn out to be as dangerous as Windshield’s action, and even gave him a chance for a skillful revenge: as a player in the third Bundesliga (yes, there is one!) In “Beer Pong”, he only defeated the show master. At a small margin of 3: 1. Psychologically flawless and physically moderate success in the quiz: Schufen said goodbye with 500 euros because he did not think meat bread outside of Bavaria should contain liver according to dietary law.

Medical student fake pass

Such loopholes in food law can be almost as subtly ignored as failed ship naming. However, when the beautiful, up-and-coming doctor and her jokingly experienced lawyer have never heard of the proverbial pioneer of modern Western nursing, it’s amazing. “In the first year of your apprenticeship you learn about the Florence Nightingale,” said an elderly nurse who used to be an audience joke, a little perplexed at the fake pass of the medical student, whose long, distinctive name actually suggests a woman of the world.

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Caroline Beat Madeleine Fryn von Betman from Munich is studying medicine. After all, she explained the difference between “frean” (unmarried) and “freif” (opposite) and agreed with Jouch’s status assumption: “poor city lords”. Bethman can not really tell where her medical studies will ultimately lead: “Maybe a country doctor?”

Prize of ,000 32,000 for a special school teacher

However, she could not show her passion for medical history: when asked 4 4,000, she asked, “Since Florence Nightingale’s 200th birthday, was 2020 the International Year …?” She could not decide on cleaning, teaching, writing and nursing staff. “Why do not I know anything like that?” She sighed to herself.

When the British Minister of Economy and an Indian national resource could not decide on a “quasi-quarteng”, she comforted herself by voluntarily withdrawing 8 8,000. “It’s going to be half a camper,” she said, showing her passion for less luxurious travel: “Or better yet, just a car with a mattress.”

Things have improved in the case of Giulia Baik, a special needs school teacher from Achen. She went home for 32,000 euros. Radio presenter Julian Hutters from Berlin voluntarily dropped out of 16 16,000, while Insa Peters from Berlin won 8 8,000 – more than enough for her deepest desire: “I dream of a vacuum cleaner.”

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