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Student Accommodation in Dublin and Ireland: How to Find Out?

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Thousands of students go abroad every year. On its own initiative or as part of a university exchange. Unique opportunity to study at the best universities in the world. To discover a new culture and to live in another country for a semester or a year.

If expats can dream, it will scare some. Going to study abroad means taking on many challenges. The first difficulty is finding accommodation

Attractive but sometimes expensive Ireland

Find accommodation in Dublin, or Great smoke As the Irish call it, this is not an easy task.
The reason is that while the Irish capital has become so attractive, the other side of the coin, whether for students or family, finding accommodation has unfortunately become a real headache.

Also, if your English is not yet at a level that allows you to understand everything about your future rental conditions (after all, if you go to Ireland, that means improving your English!), All conditions come. Together to bring your adventure to a bad start.

Students, here are some suggestions on how to make your job easier in your search for rooms, studios or apartments in Dublin, Ireland.

Departs Ireland in complete calm

Foresight is the key to embarking on an adventurous journey avoiding obstacles. Before finding a permanent home, we forget about “we’ll see the place” which means wandering from hotels in downtown Dublin, Cork or Galway to hostels. Finding decent accommodation in advance makes it possible to calmly approach the start of the new school year.

But beware, there has been a lot of corruption going on for some time now, depending on the fact that distant studios and apartments are offering. The trick is classic: you pay a deposit from France to reserve your apartment or room for a person who turns out to be a fraud: Farewell to your money with no way to get it back legally!

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Take the advice of accredited professionals

But in these cases, how do you find a tenant or roommate before leaving? This, without wasting a lot of time through classifieds? How to choose a remote residence when visits are impossible?

Services you are looking for for student accommodation AmberThis will help you a lot in choosing your place of residence in Dublin and France!

The platform lists student accommodation available in most major cities around the world and, of course, Dublin. Checked published ads. With a few clicks, you’ve found a bed in the accommodation of millions of students around the world.

Safe accommodation when you arrive and comfort for parents when you leave! Sleep well.

Controls your student accommodation budget in Dublin

We often hear that going abroad to study is expensive. In fact, it depends on the host university and the chosen course. It is possible to get a scholarship to finance a course abroad. Check with your university’s International Office. However, housing represents a large part of the costs, and as we already mentioned, this is more true in Dublin!

Rent can increase the bill faster. If you want to take advantage of a room in a university residence, do not waste time: places are expensive! You can choose shared accommodation or rent a studio for a week and pay only for the duration of your stay. Opt for a flexible term lease. Of course, you do not have to pay your rent for July if the courses end in June!

Students on campus in Dublin

Staying on campus or near your place of study can significantly reduce travel time and costs. Most of the directory Amber : Accommodation is located near 800 major schools and universities around the world. So if you’re lucky enough to study at UCD, Trinity or even DCU in Dublin, Amber Teams can be rented out in the city center or near the campus of your choice.

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Includes one room, private bathroom, rental rates … Fill in your criteria to find accommodation that best suits your needs and budget!

Well established and well integrated in Ireland

It is essential to stay home when you are away … away from home! Comfortable housing contributes to morale, well-being, and academic success. Ideal accommodation is not only the comfort of the furnished apartment, but also the atmosphere that reigns there.

If you decide to share the accommodation, consider the choice of your roommate. Live with international students who live at your same pace or, conversely, with locals if you want to improve your English faster.

But as you can see, Dublin and its major cities are very cosmopolitan, so do not worry, you will find a lot of students in your situation.

Your living space should be suitable for study, rest and meetings. Finding accommodation in a student area makes it easier for friends. Residence near universities and services avoids isolation.

Are you afraid to join? Many activities are offered at universities or nearby cultural centers.

Student Flatmates in Ireland

Autonomous but accompanying: Telephone assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Going to study abroad means seeing your routine turn upside down. Living alone means dealing with all aspects of daily life.

It is therefore essential to adjust your time to find a balance between study and domestic and administrative work. Are you overweight? Feel free to seek help from the Department of Student Services or the Student Council at your school. We will give you good plans for transportation, mobile telephony, internet and outing …

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Each country has its own residency laws, and Ireland has its own. You need a helping hand. Amber It acts as an intermediary between the tenant and the landlord. Accompanying you throughout the process: signing the lease, depositing the deposit, rent and charges for the first month … and you will benefit from telephone assistance 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Save Your Unnecessary Stress!

Student life in Ireland

Mohar Cliffs of Ireland

The blog section of the platform Amber Gives you the main assets of the most popular university cities. What is the average rent? What is the cost of living? What are the most affordable areas? There is a FAQ section to answer your questions. Among the thousands of online ads, you will have no trouble finding accommodation in a student residence or private park. All you have to do is pack your bags!

Major university cities in Dublin, Galway, Belfast or Cork, Ireland are within your reach!

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