streaming. What to watch this weekend? The Christmas spirit from “Spirited” or Florence Pugh from “The Wonder”?

streaming.  What to watch this weekend?  The Christmas spirit from "Spirited" or Florence Pugh from "The Wonder"?

French series: “The Girl with the Heart of a Pig” (available for free on France.TV)

Nina (Héloise Volle), a teenager with heart disease and the daughter of a supermarket owner, finds her world view turned upside down when she discovers that she has always been alive because of a pig valve implanted in her heart. Hugo (Victor Bonnell), the son of industrial pig farmers, is in love with Nina. So when she decides to save the life of Fleur, a sow destined for slaughter, Hugo doesn’t hesitate to go on a crazy road trip with her, with the authorities on their heels to save the life of this innocent pig.

We see it often in the news (and most recently with MP Aymeric Caron’s rejected legislative proposal to ban bullfighting altogether), and the condition and animal welfare have become recurring themes, sparking much debate. Health, tourism, ecology, and of course food: should humanity use animals, leave them alone, or live in harmony with them? What do we mean behind each of these propositions?

“The Girl with the Heart of a Pig” (written by David Andre and Alice Viall, directed by David Andre) tries to answer all these questions in eight 20-30 minute episodes, and the least we can say is that it was probably ambitious. . On this road trip he meets animal activists, cops, corrupt meat mafia traders, a shaman, lost parents, as well as lost teenagers. The audience also feels a little lost in this sausage-heavy story. It makes sense when talking about pigs.

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