Strategies for making a flower bouquet a more durable page

Strategies for making a flower bouquet a more durable page

Jakarta, – Flower It usually becomes one of the signs of affection given by a loved one.

In general, too Flower Given in the form of a complete bouquet. However, sometimes flowers given by someone will wither over time and they can not be used as a decorative element for a long time.

Then, is there any way to keep this flower elegant enough to become an elegant decorative element in the home?

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Reporting from Inside, Saturday (27/2/2021), This flower has several stages to remain fresh and an integral part of home decoration:

Cut the stems

Before you immerse the roses in water, cut 1-2 inches from the ends of each flower. To cut it, use garden scissors for best results. Cut the stems at an angle to make it easier to absorb water, because they do not spread to the bottom of the pot.

Experts recommend pruning your flowers once every few days to get a fresh and clean stalk.

Trim the extra leaves

It is important to remove leaves that fall below the waterline to prevent bacterial growth.

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Inspect your flowers daily to remove dead leaves and petals. This is especially important in mixed bouquets with different types of flowers.

Select You Banga OK

Larger and heavier flowers should be cut short and placed in a lower container where they can support each other or spread when opened, while lighter and better flowers can be kept in a tall container.

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Make sure you do not add utensils.

Change the water once in a few days

Start with a clean vase and fill to room temperature with water. When adding ingredients like flower fertilizer to the water, make sure that the flowers are well mixed and dissolved before adding.

Change the water, clean the vase and cut the stems once in a few days.

Avoid heat and direct sunlight

The flowers will last longer in a cool room, if you keep them away from sunlight.

Avoid placing it near your stove, air conditioner, ceiling fans, or appliances that generate high or low temperatures, such as your computer or TV.

Open windows can cause them to dehydrate quickly and keep you away from fresh fruits that emit small amounts of gas that can shorten the life of your fruit.

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