Stranger Things: What song saves you from Vecna’s clutches?

Stranger Things: What song saves you from Vecna's clutches?

Stranger Things fans have been waiting three long years for new episodes to come out, and it’s safe to say that their efforts have finally paid off. The latter managed to catch the first episode of Season 4 on May 27, which brought them their share of twists and turns. As Eleven and her friends are repeatedly undermined in this new burst of episodes, they manage to snap out of it thanks to a song against Vecna. This monster is directly inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, which can be neutralized following the broadcast of Running Up That Hill. A tube hit in the ’80s has re-emerged in the top listening rankings with Netflix Fiction.

Vecna’s arrival at Hawkins

Vecna’s power undoubtedly lies in her ability to change the perception of things in her victims. Dr. An unusual trait that prompted Martin Brunner to introduce himself to study at the Hawkins National Laboratory. The scientist took care to neutralize his powers with the soteria attached to his neck. This miniature device allowed him to track his every move. Dr. While Henry initially consented to Brenner’s actions, it didn’t take long to discover that he was actually his prisoner. It was from this moment that everything changed, the origin of Eleven’s powers at the beginning of Stranger Things.

So Vecna ​​reappeared in 1986 and went after several citizens of Hawkins. This made him the toughest enemy Eleven and her friends had ever faced. There were also many who succumbed to the monster that put them in danger in the final episodes of Season 4 of Stranger Things. Hawkins’ children also escaped his clutches thanks to Kate Bush’s 1985 song Running Up That Hill. If a remixed version of this single was a hit at the 2012 and 2022 Olympics, it has to be seen to be seen. Netflix won the series.

A wonderful song

Now available for download on Spotify, Running Up That Hill has become a hit in its own right. It even manages to compete with the latest music releases. A cover of a series’ original soundtrack being so popular in the listening rankings was the first great thing in history. We fully understand why a single airing of this song can neutralize Vecna’s powers. Just a moment.

To understand the remarkable success of Running Up That Hill following the broadcast of Stranger Things, it is necessary to examine the power of social networks. The song was a hit in many countries, especially on Tik Tok. From Australia through Ireland to New Zealand the number one national ranking. What is to measure the dizzying scope of the phenomenon created by the Duffer brothers? The second part of Stranger Things will be released on this 1stis We will surely hear this song again in the month of July. So we only want you to have a great listening experience.

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