Strange rarity “Bears for Races” scares dealers

Strange rarity "Bears for Races" scares dealers

A particular rarity caused mixed reactions in “Bears for Races”. Dealer Stephen Mandel found clear words, but sold it anyway.

Anja and Reinhardt Herrig wanted to separate a franchise with “Barre’s Fur Races”, but for the most part their response was not well received everywhere. At least Horst Leicher was impressed and talked about a treasure that the seller had held for generations. Expert Dr. Frederick Werner agreed, but criticized the film’s slightly tired state. However, Berlin artist Julius Schroeder’s painting was particularly successful, and she valued it at up to 3,000 euros.

So what was the problem? The frame or craft did not leave anything to be desired, instead the motif of the image created unrest. It showed Oliver Cromwell, the protector of the English aristocracy, responsible for all the atrocities of the seventeenth century. In the dealer room it was not without consequences.

“Cruel intent” complicates the debate

In the dealer room, Oliver Cromwell was immediately recognized, and it did not excite everyone. Stephen Mandel said that this motif gave him goose bumps. The dictator in Ireland is still hated for being brutally outraged there. Under no circumstances did he buy such a picture. Fortunately, for the buying couple, at least Julian Schmidts-Avila hid the story of the film and offered 2,000 2,000. Could not have been more, however Anja and Reinhard hit Herig and they did not want to take the Lord back home. Since the amount matched their real expectations, they did not regret losing the skill ultimately 1,000 euros. Things did not go so well in these cases. In the video you can find the biggest disappointments from “Bears for Rare”.

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“Bares for Rares” runs on ZDF at 3:05 pm on weekdays. ZDF Neo Offshoot broadcasts repetitions at 8:50 am and 6:30 pm. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; Note: Sales can also be made using difficult forms.

How well do you do with “Bears for Rare”? Test yourself on the quiz:

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