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Strange phenomenon: Millions of animals, insects and birds suddenly circle the globe – no one knows why

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While experts struggle to find an explanation for the strange phenomenon, some attribute the strange behavior to disease, changes in the Earth’s magnetic field, spoiled food, parasitic brain worms and experiments. CERNA pole shift or jump in electromagnetic radiation.

Endoftheamericandream.com Reports: In early November, a herd of goats in the northern part China He started walking in circles again and again.

It lasted About two weeksImages of this behavior quickly spread across various social media platforms…

Strange video footage captured from a Chinese farm shows a herd of goats walking in circles non-stop for two weeks. The strange behavior left observers and the goat’s owner completely baffled as they tried to determine what was behind it. The footage was shot in northern China earlier this month.

A closed circuit camera at a local farm captured hundreds of sheep walking clockwise inside their pen. Not all animals joined at first, watching the action from the center of the herd before lining up with the rest of the herd.

Even our big corporate media talk about sheep in China, but in many cases they are decided Funny thing.

Hopefully there will be a very simple explanation as to why goats go around in circles for so long.

According to an expert Interviewed by NewsweekThis may simply be a case of the sheep being stuck for too long and so desperate…

One possible explanation was shared by Matt Bell, professor and director of the Department of Agriculture at the University of Hartpury in Gloucester, England.

“Goats appear to have been abandoned for long periods of time, which can lead to stereotyped behaviour, repeatedly walking in circles due to pen and confinement frustration. [para onde podem ir]🇧🇷 This is not good. Then the other sheep gather like herds and stay together or join friends,” Bell told Newsweek.

Maybe Bell was right.

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But why do so many other animals, insects and birds roam the planet?

What we are witnessing is not limited to a herd of goats in northern China.

This seems to be a worldwide thing, so it needs an explanation that can account for it.

I found An article Some pigeons in the UK have blamed a particular viral disease on the fact that they are spreading as “zombie-like creatures”…

A viral disease has turned pigeons in the UK into zombie-like creatures – causing them to twist their necks and walk in circles, animal experts say.

This disease is known as “pigeon paramyxovirus”, we were told “May affect pigeons, turtle doves and chickens”

“In recent weeks there has been an increase in the number of stranded pigeons entering the JSPCA Animals Shelter, many of which are showing neurological symptoms such as neck twisting, circling or inability to stand upright,” Animal Care said. St. based service. Helier, Jersey.

He said the disease was pigeon paramyxovirus, described as “a persistently fatal viral disease affecting pigeons, turtle doves and birds”.

Therefore, this may explain why so many birds are encircled, but it does not explain why so many sheep, chickens, and insects are affected.

We need a theory that can explain everything we have seen.

Below, I have shared several videos documenting this phenomenon. As you can see, there certainly seems to be a lot of footage out there…

Maybe it’s all a lot of ado about nothing.

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Let’s see if this inexplicable behavior continues.

Without a doubt, we live in very strange times, and I believe they will soon become stranger.

Truth is stranger than fiction and I believe that in the coming years things will happen beyond what our science fiction writers have dreamed of.

So if you think things are crazy right now, wait, because it won’t be long before events on this planet start to get really weird.