Strange Climate Phenomena in the North of the United States – est-France Evening Edition

Strange Climate Phenomena in the North of the United States - est-France Evening Edition

Friday, February 12, 2021

Evening edition

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Pillars of light were observed in the skies of North America on February 8. This optical illusion may appear at night under certain circumstances, as it seems to come directly from a sci-fi movie. It can also be seen in France.

This is a phenomenon worthy of a sci-fi movie. According to the American Television Channel, on February 8, a series of striking lights appeared in the sky over the small town of North Platt (Nebraska) in the north of the United States. CNN .

Instead of being unknown, this phenomenon, known as the “pillars of light”, is an optical illusion that appears when the temperature is too low. And below -10 degrees The weather is very stable and windless.

“Like Northern Lights”

Optical illusion that attracts across the Atlantic Ocean. “It was like I was watching Northern Lights. They jumped, moved, and changed. ”National Weather Service meteorologist and amateur photographer Bill Taylor told CNN that he photographed these glowing pillars.

“This is the result of a reflective phenomenon, the light column is white. Vertically, it passes through a shining star. Its observation generally reflects the dominance of crystals in the bed of wind. ” , Explains Evening edition Sebastian Laugh Florence is a teacher at the National School of Meteorology.

In other words, sunlight or a street lamp reflects crystals in the air and strikes our eyes. The result is this long rod. The arc-n-seal is a similar phenomenon.

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Appears in France

Although this feature has been observed in the northern part of the United States, it can also be observed in France. You need a continental type cooler. Russia is a region particularly familiar with this climate because of its polar elevations. “We have what we call the Continental Occupation. Cold is coming to Europe and France.”, Sebastian Laugh Florence explains. When we get to the French territory we will talk about Moscow-Paris.

“We definitely saw lighthouses in France this year. For example, the temperature in Alsace or Lorraine is very low, and you can imagine it being there. ”, Sebastian Laflorency adds.

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