Storm on a former friend’s tweet (later deleted) –

Storm on a former friend's tweet (later deleted) -

Lauren Santo Domingo, a former friend of former President Donald Trump’s daughter, tweeted that Ivanka had a voluntary abortion years ago. There was no official response and the highly criticized tweet was deleted

«.Ivanka Trump, You are especially calm today. However, your school friends who led you to the abortion were not like that.

To write it, on Twitter, it is Lauren Santo DomingoBusinesswoman, socialite, former classmate, former friend of American president’s daughter.

Tweet – Posted in the hours following the text Supreme Court of the United States Roy vs. subverted. Word, Federally Guaranteed Text The right to abortion – No official response has been received from Ivanka Trump.

Lauren Santo Domingo, 46, decided to delete the tweet after a heated argument. Some users have pointed out to a former friend of Trump that even anger over the decision to appoint Trump as a conservative judge in the Supreme Court could not justify the dissemination of such personal information.

Ivanka Trump He never talked about having an abortion: of course, he defined his position as “living life decisively.” “I respect all positions on a subject that is personal and sensitive,” she told the RealClearPolitics website in 2020. “I’m also a mother of three, and being a person has deeply influenced me and my position on this issue. “I’m a pro life,” he said. “I do not think I should apologize for that.

In an interview since 1999, Trump has called himself a “pro choice” despite saying he hates the idea of ​​abortion. I hate her. I hate everything it stands for. But I believe in freedom of choice. ”

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