Storm of Love: The Next Murder in Farstenhof – Ariane executes her plan

Storm of Love: The Next Murder in Farstenhof - Ariane executes her plan

Listen and follow it Spoiler To the current week of “Storm of Love”! In the first press releases for episodes 3436 to 3439:

25. August
Christophe gives Carl an ultimatum: If he does not receive the money by evening, he will report him to the arson. Christophe tells Tim that Carl will keep his nerve and he will Property recovered. It is too late for him to realize that Kal and Ariyan have set a trap for him …

26. August
Tim and Christoph look for Carl’s suit, hoping to get a clue as to where Arian and Carl went. However, they were caught by Francie. Tim urges her not to betray herself and Christophe. Francie tore at whether she should really be silent. She knows nothing What a danger Tim really!

27. August
Francis is relieved that Tim is just a light Conclusion Removed. Since she does not tell the cause of a dangerous accident, Tim tells her the whole truth about the latest events. […] Carl disappeared from the face of the earth Christophe tries to find him, hoping to finally get the money. But Ariyan is leading him astray … “

28. August
Tim notices that his shoulder hurts more and more after the attack and goes to Michael’s training at Francie’s insistence. There he encounters a shocking diagnosis …

Sure, not a word has been left out about a murder, but a press photo of the episode from Thursday (see above) makes you sit back and watch. The sender writes in a caption: “Say goodbye to Arian.” Actress Viola Wedekind is seen in a black dress and a red rose in her hand. To whom is she saying goodbye? Her ex-husband, Carl, is presumed to be the victim. He wants Christophe to get his millions, and Ariane knows how to stop it. To Isabel Meyer Carl Cullenberg will be the victim of her second murder.

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“Slot of Love” runs Monday through Friday at 3:10 pm at Das Erstay.

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