Storm and Chip Beef: Theories about why rappers fight

Storm and Chip Beef: Theories about why rappers fight

Unexpected chip (right) sent to Stomsey (Picture: Getty)

Beef of caterpillars and chips is just one of many things we never thought would happen in 2020.

The chip, formerly known as Chipmunk, interrupted a laundry break Wednesday evening to share and delete – a video showing Storms returning home with a group of friends.

‘June … when sending a video of Stromsey and friends to your home,’ the chip captioned the post.

In the footage, Stomsy is heard saying: ‘Telephone me, innit’, to which Chip replies: ‘Do you think you can get into people’s homes? No, I’m not going to call you, Stomsey.

‘You’re disrespectful, brother, that’s it.’

When the chip quickly removed the video, he left the Disc Flowers referring to the car park incident.

A clip of Chip Stomsy returning home with friends (Picture: ficofficialchip)

The lines include: ‘I know where you live, but it’s not a matter of / pull, lower me’, plan failed, there is nothing to avoid.

‘You’ ve never heard of Essex, but it’s quiet, darg / they’re not screaming black people out of car parks’ / So let me ask you, Mr. Rodman, you don’t get the program because you think you’re missing everything. ‘

Chip explains who his goal is by abandoning the name of Eddie Sheeran’s Paul of Stomsey: ‘Stay with Ed Sheeran, get over Chip’s pen’, he also mentions a ‘fake ass worker’.

Stomsy, whose real name is Michael Ovo Jr., is well known for his charitable work and recently pledged to donate $ 10 million to Black British needs for more than 10 years.

On the surface, all of this seems to have come out of the blue, but in reality, there were signs of tension among the rappers over the next few months.

Wiley’s comment was even repeated.

Why Storm and Chip Beef?

Waze Dis

In March, the trio dropped out of the joint album Weiss Track chip, which included Skepta and D-Block Europe’s Young Ads.

In Chip’s sentence he says: ‘You have not even done this ting / round for 10 years, we do not hear that you are a king, man will take your throne.’

Stiley convinces fans of describing himself as a ‘king’ in the disappointing Disc Track. Another animosity that can go into another time

Stomsy also wears a crown on the cover for his second album, Heavy Is the Head.

I do not know Dis

Two months later, Storms teamed up with Tion Wayne and Dachaveli for the hit track I Dunno, and shot on the chip.

‘Is he calling me? I do not know. What do the boys there sell in the first week? I’m not saying, ‘Storm.

It didn’t stop there, spitting the Wozniak Bop rapper hymn: ‘When they ask for a fee let them know it’s headline show 1.5. Small n *** a, it’s not thousands of milliliters, storms the goat, but they really suspect.

‘Come Offline, I’m Chillin’ in the mountains. How are you, brother? I actually sell albums. ‘Wait, look, I thought I heard the shots, but the shoe doesn’t fit. You can’t twist me with the Louboutin drip. Cah nn *** a, it’s weird ** t. We all know that I’m idiots rich.

‘You can’t stand this neck when speaking in tune. “Wagwan bro?” When I walk into the room. That’s the big mic, the highest paid, best-selling, I still get love from all the goons. ‘

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However, when the pair started trending on Twitter, Chip asked his followers: ‘Why am I trending?’

Tion Wayne also tried to present the play and tweeted: ‘You’ll be bored.’

Is there more beef in Stomsy and Chip?

Random rumors are circulating that Chip and Stomsey are clashing over a song feature. At the same time, Chip’s statement about Vaz was not intended for Stomsey, but for another MC.

Chip said Losing some of his career friends last year, he explained: ‘The hardest learning curve of my career has been confusing love and money. It will really open up your life.

‘People I thought were brothers [weren’t]. ‘

Now for Stomsy’s response

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