Stories of Italians Abroad – A Sicilian in Ireland

Stories of Italians Abroad - A Sicilian in Ireland

Despite the visceral connection that connects many Sicilians to their homeland, many, perhaps too many, are going to live far away by choice or need., Often in northern Italy and sometimes abroad. Despite the nostalgia that holds the heart of every self-respecting Sicilian, they often find their own path, job, and success.. We interviewed Dario Casio, the historian singer of his Majesty who left Sicily 12 years ago. “I never left home, I just walked“. So Dario begins to tell us his story.”Although I now live in a beautiful country where the standard of living is high, which I love and which gives me great satisfaction, the double thread that connects me to Sicily has always remained strong. And in Montreal. In fact, my wife is from Montreal (surname La Scala) Whenever we can “get off” in Sicily, a few days’ beautiful stop in Montreal is a must.. I’ve posted a video on my page that tells the fun story of Dumo and its creationSicilian Wanderer”.

The Dario-speaking project was in fact a recent creation, born during a trip to Sicily last August. A bridge between two beautiful islands, Sicily and Ireland, as he defines himself, it passes through places, recipes and culture. “I want to tell Sicily Irish and Ireland to Sicilian Sometimes English is used, with Italian subtitles, sometimes with Italian and English subtitles ”. A site, a YouTube channel, and social pages have already reached a large number of followers in a short period of time. “I am followed not only by Sicilians and Irish people, but also by many Sicilians around the world. – Continues Dario – For example, Facebook is a group of nostalgic Sicilians who love to share content and share news and curiosities about Sicilianity. Some of them now have only the Italian name, they are grandchildren or great-grandchildren of the Sicilians. Many are Sicilian housemaids, perhaps not even there. “

But let’s start from the beginning by retrieving the stages of Dario’s life through the big stages. “I was looking for a job in Palermo in 2008, and after graduation, I was in crisis. I was a young and enthusiastic boy. I was the lead singer of Your Majesty, and we had some success too. By that time we had completed a three year tour and we had made a live DVD, which is now fully on YouTube. Then I found work, but on the other side of the world. In fact, in a very short time, in Montreal, Canada, I went to another level. Where my girlfriend followed me and where we lived for two and a half years. After a year in Germany, Hamburg, and a short stay in Abruzzo, I arrived in the city where I now live, Cork, Ireland. A land rich in traditions and culture. I now live here permanently with my wife and two children Like I said before, I have a finishing job that gives me a lot of satisfaction. But in Sicily my heart is always slowing down, maybe this is why I decided to take on this new project. It’s just a hobby, I do it for passion, my job will continue to be something else, but I like it. I recently opened a new section dedicated to “Kunti”, stories and legends, which I would like to tell, sometimes even in language variants.. In fact, I really want to preserve and pass on our language, Sicilian. My children, in addition to speaking Italian and English (with a strong Corkian accent!) Understand Sicilian well, which I am proud of. Next week I will post a video about the Irish history of Cork Cathedral and the legend surrounding it. My next goal is to read the lesser known (but more expensive) stories of Ireland and tell them to my followers. I will continue to tell the stories of my country, which has always been Sicily. “.

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