Stop this immediately .. 5 Common Mistakes You Make When Using WhatsApp

Stop this immediately .. 5 Common Mistakes You Make When Using WhatsApp
WhatsApp offers WhatsAppIt is one of the most used chat platforms in the world thanks to its features and updates, including sharing status messages into group chats and making voice and video calls.
According to “Gadgetsnow”, the application can “واتسابIt does a lot of things with many features, but its main problem is that it has no idea what it means to send “friend requests” or to ask the sender’s permission before sending a message, or like those inside or outside. The contact list can get your phone number. Find your account and start texting directly with you without any interruptions or permissions, which can sometimes put you at risk.

While some WhatsApp users may not know the right way to use the service, here are 5 mistakes that most WhatsApp users make without making potentially dangerous mistakes, which should be stopped immediately, namely: as follows:

Stop allowing everyone to access your WhatsApp number access:

You should regularly set aside some time to clear your contact list and delete the phone numbers of people you no longer associate with, so your account can not be seen because almost everyone who uses the messaging app can easily send you.

Stop showing too much information about yourself in your profile picture:

It’s a good idea to keep a simple picture of your profile on WhatsApp, so make sure your account picture doesn’t reveal too much information about you and your family, and you can hide your profile picture from specific contacts.

Stop unlocking your account with 2-step verification:

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The codes for the two-step verification feature protect you from falling victim to SIM swap fraud, so do not forget to activate the “two-step verification” feature to secure your account via “WhatsApp” against the theft of your account, personal information or bank data.

Stop unlocking your WhatsApp account with biometric protection features:

WhatsApp gives iPhone and Android users the ability to add extra security to their accounts using Touch ID and Face ID locking features, so you can protect your account from intruders using one of the biometric protection methods, and the app will automatically log you out of the app.

– Stop allowing everyone to add you to annoying WhatsApp groups:

Do not allow anyone to automatically add you to any group chats via “WhatsApp”, and to avoid adding you to any new group, you have a new option that you can use to control who can add you to the group without your permission. Randomly.

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