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Stop the wall with Mexico in the first acts

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From the construction of the anti-immigration wall on the border with Mexico to the return of the United States to the World Health Organization (WHO). From the return to the Paris climate agreement to the repeal of the ‘Muslim ban’. These are just some of the executive orders that Joe Biden, who was elected President following the inauguration ceremony in Washington, will soon sign.

“President-elect Biden will not only eliminate the most serious damage of the Trump administration, but also move our country forward. These actions are courageous, and they will begin the process of fulfilling the promises made by President-elect Biden to the American people. Essentially, they are part of the President’s constitutional role,” the note reads.

Returning to the US

One of the steps Biden will take shortly after the inauguration is to ask Americans to wear masks for the first 100 days of his order. In the wake of the fight against Kovid-19, Biden will end the process of withdrawing the previous administration from the World Health Organization, an organization defined as “essential” in the fight against pandemics.

Paris Agreement and the ‘Muslim Ban’

Biden will also sign the re-entry agreement to the Paris Agreement. The law will be filed with the United Nations today, and the United States will officially reconvene within a month. “The United States can once again exercise global leadership in advancing the goals of the agreement,” the statement said.

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The president-elect will sign an executive order to end the “Muslim ban”, one of the key steps in Trump’s immigration policy. Citizens of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen, as well as those of Venezuela and North Korea, currently have access to the U.S. for security reasons.

Trump’s sword with Mexico

Finally, Biden will announce a stop to the construction of an anti – immigration wall on Mexico’s border, which was used as a “reason” to fund the wall, announcing the immediate end of the declaration of a national emergency.

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