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Stop playing on ADM and raceout tracks

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As not mentioned: since last Saturday (racecourses with a maximum of 1,000 people are open to the public, indicating 25% of the limit capacity), no more bets are allowed on the activities that follow them today, as mentioned in MIPAF’s circular, bringing spectators back to watch live. Due to the unavoidable response of dissatisfaction and anger on the part of the race course managers, the manager arrived this afternoon with a circular signed by Fabrizio Fiorentino, a circular from the ADM, Excise Agency, Customs and Monopoly. Below:

Following the issuance of guidelines for re-opening to the public by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, the public will be able to access race courses on race days. In this regard, the provisions for suspension of the activities of amusement arcades, betting halls, bingo halls and casinos, even if they are carried out within the premises used for various activities, are still in force to resolve the Epidemiological Emergency from COVID-19 by order of the President of the Ministry. For the above reasons, betting on the physical network during race courses is prohibited.

The ADM, published by GeoconView, issued a note but did not pass it on to the racetracks, pointing out that “in fact protocols highlight the need to ensure the presence of safety, betting acceptance points, especially in areas with open mouths, gazebos and special structures such as gazebos”. , Game rooms, betting rooms and bingo halls have been suspended. Casinos have been used for various activities by order of the President of the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs to deal with epidemic emergencies from Kovid-19, but they are still in effect.

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For the series: No children in betting, no twins? Or has it been played everywhere, or anywhere? If not, what’s the point of giving guidelines on what can be done, how within racehouses, the only reason to block everything, is that nothing has changed while reading ADM? Racecourses, especially real city parks, had to be closed when villas and parks were crowded, even in orange areas. Now, here’s another insult …

SIG, one of the coaches ‘and trot drivers’ associations, recorded the response: “We are amazed at the speed of the ADM. We ask ADM: But who is betting on a news agent or a tobaccoist in the national lotteries? We are upset and ashamed, but we should not be surprised at this decision, we can not wait for our world to come out of this story, for this to go on, betting must be supported.

Payments. Meanwhile, a few hours ago, Hippo Group CEO and Federipodromi President Elio Poutaso made a stern statement about the renewed issue of paying Mipaf’s race course fees: “Unfortunately, I’m sorry for the serious delay in registering. On the part of Mipaf at the conclusion of the approval process for the contracts of racing companies. In fact, under the current order for Italian race courses, payment of fees for the first months of the previous year must have been received by March 31. To date, the contracts have not been sent to the court auditors for their registration, so it is easy to predict that we will receive the payment before the end of July. This situation puts us all in a very serious financial crisis and we are now unable to meet our monthly commitments such as salaries, utilities and suppliers. Our companies will be forced to stop within a few days due to “lack of fuel”. We urge the Ministry to try not to punish our region again.

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