“Stop Government Being a Spectator”

"Stop Government Being a Spectator"

There will be Various topics in which Abraham wants to acquire customer careAt the end of November, a request for an arrangement with the borrowers was submitted to the court in Rome. It is particularly interesting to suggest an Irish fund that includes other companies already operating in the contact center sector. For this, it claims Yuil, It’s time to speed up the company’s sales process and reassure Calabria’s 3,000 workers.

The process is clear and transparent

“There is a clear theory now,” he explains Fabio Tomino, Secretary of the Yule of Croton – The processes of a company which the company wishes to acquire Fast and clear. Its advantage is that it is a topic that comes from the world of contact center Human capital It’s been around for 22 years now, so it’s a guarantee.
Tomino says that «a Reorganization Plan The company wants to be competitive again in the telecommunications sector, but this should be a result Transparent logic It must stop at a place that enables us Supervision.

Protect workers

The UIL secretary of T Croton continues – it is time to send them back to the workers Dignity, respect, serenityBecause, they prove it again The real assets of the company: Their productivity indicators show that the company is attractive. For these reasons, the configuration time and the transfer process should be faster. ”

Maintain offices and work floors

Although the Irish Fund’s plan is not yet known in detail, UIL may be interested, but Tomino warns: «It must meet two key cornerstones: Maintenance of offices and work floors. To do this, we need to compare different issues, not just the union, but the government, which must ensure transparency in the process. ”

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“Unfortunately I have a feeling that the government is still acting as a spectator, But – continues Tomino – not only to deal with the crisis, but above all to create ministerial lists that serve this purpose. A development and restart project In Croton, at this moment, there is interest beyond that 1300 units. In short, there is a need for an institutional movement that is not effective enough right now, because in my opinion The government is still paying attention to the problem but not monitoring it.

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