Steven van Gogh reacts angrily to criticism from Walloon vi …

Steven Van Gucht reageert gepikeerd op kritiek van Waalse viroloog: “Nonsens. Zelfs een ezel stoot zich niet twee keer aan dezelfde steen”

Steven van Gooch
Photo: Belga

Steven van Gocht does not exactly agree with the criticism of Walloon virologist Bernard Rentier, who advocates for relaxation, which Flemish virologists consider too strict. “We already have it, and we’ve seen what led to it,” Van Goch responded in Tosac.

In an interview and open letter to the La Libre newspaper, Rentier did not shy away from his criticism. Rita. It’s very disturbing and scary, ”it seems. According to Rentier, “if it happens very calmly and in a controlled manner” things can be easily unraveled and “learned to live” with the virus.

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Van Gucht did not exactly fit in on Thursday evening in the movie ‘Tersek’. “I get a great feeling of Dijo Wu,” he said. “This is the same speech we gave in August and September. It gave us the second biggest wave in Europe. One of the most deadly. ”

Renter’s suggestion for reverse Closure, So young people can do what they want, and older people should be locked up, which Van Gogh thinks is a bad idea. “We had it before, and we saw what led to it,” he says. I find it very damaging to make the same arguments now. A donkey does not hit the same stone twice. And so it is: a donkey doesn’t do it, but people do it. “

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