Steelers’ leaders unaware that Alejandro Villanueva planned to break ranks in Antoine Rose decision

Steelers' leaders unaware that Alejandro Villanueva planned to break ranks in Antoine Rose decision

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Former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva smashed the ranks on Sunday. Two captains of the team said Wednesday he did not know he would do it.

After the Steelers voted as a team, Anton Rose II was named on the back bumper of each helmet, and Villaneva taped the handwriting. Name of Alvin Cache Rose’s name on Villanueva’s helmet.

“I was amazed at what Al did,” the defensive end said Cameron Howard Said Wednesday, via Jerry Dulac Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Quarterback, “I had no idea about Al’s choice on the back of the helmet Ben Rothlisberger Said, by Dulac. The 2020 captains include Howard and Rothlisberger.

“It’s his choice,” Rothlisberger added. “It simply came to our notice then. Unfortunately, this is it. ”

Howard explained that the team discussed their approach to the game and decided to honor Rose, who was shot and killed by Pittsburgh police officers in 2018. So the emphasis here is not just on gesture, but on Villanueva going against a team that is moving to the lockstep on all issues, including their unanimous “no” vote in the 2011 collective bargaining agreement.

The situation presents a curious fragmentation of individual freedom, and not on the team. When it comes to the name on the back of a helmet, Villanueva has the right to do whatever he wants (the league may disagree as Cache’s name is not on the approved list). However, the team collectively decided that all players should have Rose’s name on their helmets. Before doing so, Villainveva went astray without telling anyone.

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This is the deepest question that can stay in the locker room, at the very least, that Villainveva must have told someone that he had planned not to go with his teammates and failed to tell anyone. Acting according to the will of the team will hit them in the face.

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