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Steam physical shipbuilding sim “The Last Leviathan” will be discontinued. In a follow-up report, developer Automaton reports that the studio has closed for the first time in three years

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Developer Super Punk Games announced on November 27 that it will be shutting down its studio and pulling all currently sold titles from its store. Studio is a ship building simulation game “The Last Leviathan]distributed in Early Access on PC (Steam), but this will also be discontinued.

“The Last Leviathan” is a ship building simulation game that incorporates physics. In the ancient sea of ​​Mideneer, players build their own ships and undertake missions. The hull can be designed independently based on many detailed parts, and you can recreate a real ship or create a real ship without being bound by common sense. Then, it is equipped with power and cannons and goes to sea. Missions include pirate ships, naval battles and races, and there’s a creative mode that lets you use your ingenuity freely.

The game will be available for early access on Steam in June 2016. At the time, Steam Greenlight was in effect, and small creators gathered support for their work through user voting, which paved the way for distribution on Steam. The creation gained popularity to enter the top 10 in just 4 days after registering for Steam Greenlight. It was a launch that attracted a lot of attention, and although the updates were repeated strongly in the beginning, follow-up reports tended to gradually stop.

AppCrowd, whose predecessor was the British indie studio developer Superpunk Games, was involved in the development of the Steam version of Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Teratech. It seems that there is a financial problem in the development of “The Last Leviathan”, in 2018, by securing a contract for the development of another work, the development of this work can continue.Report.However, the following year, 2019, most of the team was working on another such job, managing it in their spare time.The situationwas talking

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Then, after the November 2019 update, the follow-up report stopped, and news of the studio’s sudden shutdown came.publicationThe studio explained that the decision to close was due to an inability to bring in the time and funds necessary to operate and develop the studio. As a result, all titles from the studio will be discontinued. The studio then thanked and apologized to the users of The Last Leviathan.

At the time of this writing, “The Last Leviathan” issteamIt’s still available for purchase at No mention of when the sale will end, so if you’re interested, grab it now. However, please note that this work is still in development and will not be supported in the future. Additionally, Super Punk Games distributes the “Just Deal With It” card game for overseas PS4, but that distribution will soon end as well.

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