Starts a generic delivery to nursing homes in Ireland with a post to see strict restrictions

Starts a generic delivery to nursing homes in Ireland with a post to see strict restrictions

One post offers generic delivery nursing and care homes across the country, and Ireland will be subject to higher levels of regulation.

LL Card and Letter Mail posted by residents of National Postal Service Nursing Homes will be delivered free of charge.

All you need to do is give them an outlet and the support they need to keep going.

A post also offers additional community services, including:

Come and register your name

A post delivery staff will continue to check the ‘seniors’ regularly on their routes.

You can register by completing the customer’s postal address and e-code Here.

Customers who need groceries and prescriptions will be referred by Alone, a national charity that ensures personal support for old and vulnerable people.

Postal pickup for older / weaker customers:

For older or disabled customers who are unable to go out to buy stamps for cards or letters, their postman or postwoman can pick up the mail from their home, and a post will cover their postage.

Newspaper distribution

A post will deliver the same day newspapers to older and weaker customers from Monday to Friday.

Temporary Agent for Post Office Social Welfare Collection

Users can nominate a temporary agent to collect their social welfare payments (e.g. pension) at the post office.

Dublin Postman Vincent Froley said he is pleased to have a post delivery staff and postmasters across the country playing their part in helping to connect everyone safely during the winter.

“We urge people of all ages to join their participation in communities across Ireland. During the winter months we get together to listen to each other and send love.”

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