Starting The Application Of Sustainable Practices In Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you can embrace sustainable practices that are friendly to the environment with amazing results. An eco-friendly brand can meaningfully impact our world and secure the future for our planet.

Moreover, it’s noteworthy that customers, investors, and financiers are progressively becoming aware of sustainable business practices. You can easily win the support of these environment-conscious stakeholders if you’re deliberate about sustainability.

Making your business non-toxic comes at a cost as you may need to adopt newer, friendly technologies. To achieve this, you may want to explore financing options such as small business loans to streamline your organization.

What Do Sustainable Practices Mean?

A company is said to incorporate sustainable business practices when it offers its products and services while causing minimum environmental damage. It means being couscous of the environment while doing business to minimize the negative impact on natural systems.

Investors and creditors are pushing companies to add sustainability to the business practices. A case in point is lenders who will only advance small business loans to sustainable companies.

Best Sustainable Practices To Apply In Your Small Business

1.    Go paperless

As a small company, look at ways of automating your operations to minimize paper transactions. You can opt for digital storage rather than manual archiving of files. You can also opt for online marketing instead of printing various brochures that will likely end up in landfills.

Adopting digital processes and marketing may require that you hire designers and purchase new equipment. To that end, it’s worth approaching lenders for small business loans to support your sustainability plans.

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2.    Use biodegradable source materials

Sustainability naturally begins when you source inputs for production. Check if your supplier incorporates eco-friendly practices in producing what makes up your raw materials.

By consuming goods produced from businesses that adhere to sustainable practices, your business promotes and perpetuates the sustainability agenda. Have a bias for reusable or biodegradable inputs while avoiding using toxic inputs that are harmful to nature.

3.    Recycle waste

Make it an organizational culture to recycle envelopes and any other items that may be reused. Think about refilling printer cartridges rather than buying new ones to reduce e-waste. An industrial plant that can recycle water and minimize wastage is making an excellent contribution towards sustainable development.

Recalibrating your workspace for a greener world can prove costly. Thankfully, you can find partners and financiers who’re willing to support or advance small business loans for that.

4.    Use biodegradable materials in your packaging

You’ll be surprised to note that about 23% of materials dumped in landfills consist of packaging materials and containers in the US. By investing in biodegradable packaging, you can significantly lower the negative impact of your brand on environmental pollution.

Substitute your plastic packaging with materials such as seaweed, and corn starch that break down easily. Then, you can come up with packaging that’s stylish and reusable for other functions. Customers will not want to dispose of packaging that they can find helpful in different ways. That way, you promote the reuse of packaging material but also promote your brand effortlessly.

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5.    Conserve energy and embrace green energy

There are simple steps that you can take to make your office or store eco-friendly.

  • Have a design that lets in plenty of sunlight to minimize your energy spend.
  • Incorporate clean energy such as wind and solar in your operations where possible
  • Replace overhead lighting with energy-saving LED bulbs.
  • Use climate control only when necessary. It will go a long way in bringing down your power costs as well.
  • Grow plants in your building for better aeration and aesthetic appeal.

Tips To Start Becoming A More Eco-friendly Company

1.    Promote a sustainable work culture

A small company can drive up its sustainability agenda by recognizing and giving incentives to employees who embody sustainable practices at the workplace. By allowing for remote work where possible, you’ll be minimizing wastage.

2.    Partner with green businesses

Choosing to do business with organizations keen on going green is a superb way to foster a sustainable organizational culture. When your brand associates itself with other green companies, you’ll find more cost-effective ways of having a non-toxic work environment.


Incorporate sustainable practices into your business for the betterment of the planet. After all, we only have this planet to run our business profitably.

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