Stars and stripes spark on TV between Alan Friedman and Edward Luttwalk. “Selensky talks to Putin every day” in Tempo

Stars and stripes spark on TV between Alan Friedman and Edward Luttwalk.  "Selensky talks to Putin every day" in Tempo
Luca de Lellis

Shining with stars and stripes. During the broadcast of DiMartedì and Giovanni Floris, which aired on La7 on Tuesday, April 26, two American experts were trapped. Former London Financial Times journalist Alan Friedman and political scientist Edward Luttwalk are the main characters in the television clash. “Lutwalk says two contradictory things – Friedman attacked – on the one hand, the Pentagon hawk says more arms should be sent to Ukraine. I’m ashamed of this. Instead, he uttered a sentence from a Russian campaign demanding a referendum in Donetsk, as in Crimea, using fake, fake and illegal Russian dolls. Not only did the New York journalist increase the dose: “Lutwalk, who loved Reagan and loved Trump while on his knees, respects Putin. Should Biden make an offer to Putin?”

The response of the Romanian-born economist is not far off, he replies: “What I am trying to explain is that in order to reach peace, one must first close the door to possible Russian victory. The Ukrainian armed forces are short of armored vehicles and tanks, yet there are plenty of depots in Europe where they are not used. A lot of heavy weapons should be sent to this ground combat, while Putin should be given a credible offer. Apparently annoyed, Friedman urges him: “Who’s offering?” Despite the apparent calmness on his face, Lutwalk explodes: “I do not work for a circus. I am a strategic adviser to my government. We must work in the area of ​​possibilities between allied governments. Selensky should tell Putin because he talks to us every day, ‘I accept a referendum’, and then there should be a ceasefire. Conflicting voices emerge from the study. “If Putin’s first wanted to kill Selensky, how would they talk every day?”

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