Starlink Internet is now available in Austria

Starlink Internet is now available in Austria

As the number of Starlink satellites in orbit increases, so does the coverage of satellite Internet on Earth’s surface. Starlink after parts of the US, UK and Europe Also now available in Austria Available.

Interested parties who have already registered for Starlink Internet will be notified via email on Saturday night that satellite Internet is available in Austria.

Check Starlink availability in Austria

“Starlink is currently available in limited quantities in Austria,” the statement said. With the improvement of the Starlink system, users can expect data speeds of 50 to 150 Mbps in the coming months. “There will be short periods when there is no connection.”

Is on Starlink website Parties interested in finding out if Satellite Internet is actually available there can provide their address.

Expensive hardware and monthly expenses

If the address is included, you will be redirected to the order page where needed Starlink Internet Acquisitions and Expenses Listed:

  • 499 euros for hardware
  • 59 euros for shipping
  • 99 euros per month for active internet connection

Overall, SpaceX1565 launched the Starlink satellites into orbit. 1498 of them are still working. Elon Musk predicts that by 2022, satellite Internet will be available worldwide. He also admits that cell phones are better in urban areas. Starlink is intended for sparsely populated areas.

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