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Präsentiert in Roding ihr neues Solo-Programm Einbildungsfreiheit: Christine Eixenberger. Foto: Matthias Robl

By Bob

“By twisting notes, I’ve been trying to read the Acrodian for four years. If I hadn’t done it, a lot of neighbors would have escaped,” Bob says. But somehow they found each other, because now “Bavarian Ironman”, as he calls himself, is on stage with this device. Caber Artist’s current program is called “Byronman” Friday, November 26th, Shown in town hall. His argument for a visit: “If you have not heard one, and want to know what tinnitus is like, come to one of my performances.” It starts at 8 p.m.

On the other hand, the Scottish Irish Christmas was canceled Mac C&C Celtic 4 p.m. Sunday, December 12th.

South Tyrolean Christmas

Great South Tyrolean Christmas is coming Sunday, December 19th, 4 p.m. to Roading. There will also be Ladins, Nicole Stuffer, Alexander Rear and Castellrotto Men’s Quartet. They ensure an incomparable concert experience and keep visitors in the mood for a meditative time. In German-speaking countries the Ladins created a wave of excitement for their touching music, in which they gave an idea of ​​the unique natural beauty of the dolomites. Pop singer Nicole Stuffer has a close musical relationship with her father Joaquin Stuffer from Ladins. She made her solo musician debut with the album “When Heart’s Touch”. Alexander Ryer Castellruther Spotsen is the son of the late Norbert Ryer. Folk music and native tunes, mostly in South Tyrolean, are performed by Castellrotto’s men’s quartet. Her collection also includes religious songs.

Ticket sales

Tickets are available at Roading Town Hall by calling 09461/5777 or online at

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