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St. Patrick, Patron of Ireland

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The Isle of Ireland was surrounded by a torrent of demons to avoid St. Patrick. But by making the sign of the cross, the man of God was able to expel them and evangelize that kingdom.

Writing (09/03/2021 09:22, Gowdium Press) St. Patrick was born in 377 in a village in a Roman colony in Scotland, in which his father was a mentor. He was trained Catholic and came from an aristocratic family with Romans, so his instruction was in Latin.

At the age of 16, he was abducted by the Barbarians and taken to Hibernia – now Ireland – where he was sold into slavery and became a shepherd; In the loneliness of the green meadows he wept for his sins and began to lead a life of intense prayer.

Dr. To protect it or to think about it.

“Similar scenes were common in medieval hogyography, and Fioretti – small flowers – served for light and cathedral stained glass, and history and fantasy combined to identify a great aspect of the power of prayer, as well as innocence and innocence when strengthened by the harshness of God. [1]

Your parents were beheaded by the Barbarians

Six years later, he heard the voice of an angel recommending a runaway. He was able to take a ship from the pirates, which almost sank and anchored on uninhabited land.

After 27 days of starvation, the ship’s captain told St. Patrick:
– You are a Christian; May your God come to our aid.
– Convert, God will save you, said the saint.

When they nodded in agreement, many wild boars appeared nearby and they fed them. All converted to Catholicism, took good quantities of meat from those animals, resumed their voyage, and arrived in Scotland.

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St. Patrick found his parents and decided to move to northwestern Armorica, France. As soon as they left, the barbarians who lived there cut down their parents, and he sold them into slavery.

Some time later, a Catholic family bought him and set him free. Walking through various areas, he arrived at the Marmouth Monastery on the outskirts of Tours — on the shores of the Louvre in central-western France — where he was recognized as a religious man and distinguished himself in the name of devotion.

Since he always felt that his profession was transforming Ireland, he went there to evangelize it. But the difficulties that Providence allowed him to prove it were such that the inhabitants accepted him as an enemy, and he had to flee.

He returned to Gaul and for many years stayed at the famous Lorraine monastery near the Costa Azul. He then went to Auxerre in eastern-central France, where he was sent to Rome by Pope St. Germanus, where Pope St. Sixtus III ordained him bishop and evangelized in Ireland.

Exorcise the demons around Ireland

When he arrived in that country in 433, demons roamed the island to block his way. St. Patrick raised his right hand, made the mark of the cross, cast out all evil spirits, and passed away.

Soon, he overturned the sun idol that had been sacrificed to children, like the ancient Moloch. He used his stick to chase away the snakes that were there.

With admirable courage he went to the general assembly of the warlords of Hibernia, the idolaters, where he preached our Lord Jesus Christ. The son of the main king threatened to kill him, but several chiefs converted him and gave him land, on which he built monasteries and convents, and later housed many boys and girls belonging to the nobility.

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Transformations of the royal family


“The warriors were aristocrats who took part in these conventions with their weapons. When there were difficulties in voting, they used these weapons to fight each other. It was a cruel rule.

The assemblies were attended by pagan priests from Gaul and Ireland of the same race at Druids College.

“There, St. Patrick was presented, and he directly attacked the religious and political center of the country. Before all his enemies could be united, he preached the faith. What fearlessness!

From that moment on, miracles quickly followed. There were transformations of the entire royal family. […]

“Of course, ‘royal families” means tribal federations.

“Anyway, we have to imagine the cruelty of these groups and St. Patrick telling them all the truth. It evokes admiration; Warriors begin to think, and then women refuse to change their attitudes. The whole royal family was baptized, and then the respective tribes. What a beautiful scene! “

After the Christianization of Ireland in 461, St. Patrick dedicated his beautiful soul to God, in 461, in County Down, Northern Ireland; He was 83 years old. He made the snakes disappear from Ireland; For this reason, in many paintings he is depicted crushing these animals with a stick.

He became patron of the country with St. Columba (521-597) and St. Bridget of Kildare (453-524).

Paulo Francisco Martos

[1] Correa de Oliveira, Plino. St. Patrick. Dr. In Plino’s Journal. Sao Paulo. Year XIII, n. 144 (March 2010), p. 11.

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