St. Patrick did not exterminate all cold-blooded animals

Saint Patrick n’a pas éliminé tous les animaux à sang froid

As the health crisis passed there, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations on March 17th were less festive than usual.

If we know the role of the patron saint of Ireland in the evangelization of the region, it is another reason for his fame and recognition by the islanders. Surely any good Irishman is convinced that there are no snakes in Ireland thanks to him! When the saint was fasting for 40 days, a group of snakes attacked him, which he was able to catch with his staff and throw into the sea from the top of Krog Patrick.

However, scientists say there are other reasons. Lack of “cold-blooded” animals The climate in Ireland is such that they need external heat to maintain their internal temperature, with very little sunlight and this behavior is found on other islands except Iceland. Or New Zealand.

It is added that these islands would have formed before snakes appeared on earth. However, ophiophobes do not rejoice very quickly, and Ireland is a habitat that does not satisfy: pain.

This small reptile, discovered only in the seventies, was introduced by humans ten years ago.

Unfortunately, it does not spread beyond the barren area, and it is a lizard species that is as comfortable as our nose.

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