St. Patrick describes the monuments of the green world with hope

St. Patrick describes the monuments of the green world with hope

ROME, March 16 (askanews) – The whole world is turning green with the arrival of St. Patrick. Along with Global Greening, the cultural initiative that started 11 years ago in Australia with the green lights of the iconic Sydney Opera House, has gained an unprecedented membership of 630 monuments during the difficult times we are experiencing. Includes worldwide, 43 of which are in Italy. Symbolically a connection with your home of origin, waiting for you to start the journey again and embrace your loved ones again. Ornella Gamachio, Italy’s Director of Irish Tourism: “Global Greening was born in Australia twelve years ago. Ireland and the Irish community bring them closer to their homeland.” In Italy, which celebrates St. Patrick’s on March 17th, with great welcome and anticipation, many sites and monuments will be green, from north to south: “We have a historic tower that shines every year on Pizza, and this year is really in all regions. Compared to previous editions, the number of visitors is more than double us.” It represents a SIM for Bolico: we interpret it as a virtual embrace from the people of Italy to the people of Ireland. Otherwise, but with all its extraordinary beauty, it perfectly represents the features of our peninsula and every province in the new entries: Procida, Italian Culture Culture 2022 ” We need the cooperation of the Irish Embassy in Italy and the self-proclaimed local authorities to implement the agreement. ” Global Greening 2021 Introduces a Series of Innovation The participation of the world’s northeastern site is the most curious sum: a mailbox on Mount Ritopen in Norway, 350 km above the Arctic Circle. Celebrate with an unprecedented digital version around the world. Ornella Gamachio again: “Unfortunately this year can not be celebrated with so many festivals dedicated to St. Patrick, so on March 17th at 8pm we organized a 90-minute live event on the FB page in Tourism Ireland. The Johnny Fox Pub in Dublin will teach you how to pour the best beer from a can with a Guinness partner, so you can attend the St. Patrick’s Festival when you return home. “

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