St.-Juri. Lecture by Jacques Fenis on Ireland

St.-Juri.  Lecture by Jacques Fenis on Ireland

Jacques Fenice is a young 94-year-old with a bright eye, remarkable intellectual agility and multiple lives. Born on Montplaisir Avenue, where his sister still lives in the family home, this pure Saint-Jurion will talk to us about Iceland at the station on Saturday, October 8 at 5 p.m. Although he had a career as a rheumatologist that ended in 1993, he knew many other lives and other passions. Having used his bottom with Jean Cabot at La Perouse High School, he dreamed of the adventures of an Albigensian navigator and destinations like Vientiane, Papeete and Luang Prabang, which in his youth smelled of France’s colonial possessions. After a year of preparation in Toulouse, he attended the colonial school in Outremer, France, and admission to the prestigious high school in Paris, Louis-le-Grand. Administrator in Madagascar, where he remained for 3 years. “But I didn’t try to collect taxes, it was more from completely destitute people, with whom I formed a very strong bond. My passion was more than a geographer,” he says. But love sometimes trumps fate. His fiancee was a doctor, and what the hell, he became a doctor! He later trained as a rheumatologist.

Was this a warning sign? During his studies he met two Icelandic students, including Vigdis Fingóbadattir, who chaired his country (1980–1996). From 1974 to 2012, he stayed in this fascinating country no less than 6 times. An accomplished mountaineer, he was the founder of the Albi Alpine Club and practiced caving with Jean Lautier. His sojourns with the geological research profession led him to write a fascinating book called “Iceland, Under Ice and Fire”. He conducted his research with local residents, periglacial geologists, or even a volcanologist geologist, which can tell how solid his documentation is. 3 years ago, at the age of 91, an unfortunate health problem prevented him from reaching Antarctica in Ushuaia! Admission is free and free, room of the station, conference proposed by Saint-Juri Patrimoine.

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