St. Florian: At just two square meters, the world’s smallest Titanic museum

St. Florian: At just two square meters, the world's smallest Titanic museum

An extensive collection of literature, documentation, film, music and models can be found on 1.96 square meters in a private residential building in St. Florian. This is a very special quiet place for the musician Lisa Maria Ateneder – Schwodiauer, who seems to have arrived at the center of history on the luxury liner in 1912. “Despite the location that makes you laugh, the most important thing for me is to treat the Titanic story with respect,” says the enthusiast. 1496 people drowned and many families were destroyed. 712 passengers were rescued, including a family from Graz.

“Titanic got wings” or how it all began

Ateneder – Schwodiaver saw a black and white Titanic film at the age of nine and was deeply impressed by it. To combat the horrific images surrounding the tragic fate of the people on the sinking ship, she taped her own story, in which the ship did not sink, but the captain personally flew her home. The original cassette with the story “Titanic Got Wings” can be heard at the museum. It has been scientifically proven that the subconscious mind cannot distinguish whether what is being watched is real or a movie. Attendant – Schwodiaver The myths surrounding the Titanic disaster have not been abandoned to this day.

On the Titanic’s path

As a student in Ireland, she was able to visit the Belfast shipyard where the luxury liner was built, and the port of Cobh, formerly Queenstown. In Austria, a woman from Florian engaged in an exhibition that sometimes dealt with the subject of one of the greatest disasters in human history, the Titanic. She kept display boards made for it. But what to do with it? Her apartment had only a small room for it.

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Necessity is the mother of invention and an idea is born

The smallest museum was officially opened in 2012 on the 100th anniversary of the shipwreck. Later several relocations made the exhibition almost a traveling exhibition. After extensive construction work and the reopening of the exhibition, Lisa Maria Ateneder – Schwödiaver presented the smallest museum in the last place in St. Florian. For the suspension of the luxurious chandelier in the museum, the Titanic lover managed to use a rail from the Florianerbahn from the year of the Titanic disaster. The Florian native’s fascination with the myth of the ship is unbreakable: “April 14 is the 110th anniversary of the Titanic disaster. It’s remarkable that the topic is still so relevant. “


On display is an impressive collection of books, films, CDs, admission tickets, reports and copies from the archives of various Austrian illustrated dailies such as Kronenzeitung, Kleine Zeitung and Wiener Volksblatt. Photographs and merchandise displayed. General facts and data are nicely laid out. Small original artifacts can also be found. Attendant – Schwodiauer was able to copy the original correspondence of the Austrian Consulate in England and America about Austro-Hungarian passengers from the Titanic file in Vienna. Compensation payments to the families of the victims, how much money was received as compensation and dealt with, can be seen in the museum.


The actual model of the ship built by the museum owner himself in hours is on display. Her personal heroic story, about the construction of the Titanic Rebel Model 1 : 400, can be read on her blog at She invites visitors to her website to take a 360° tour of her museum. If you want to experience the galley experience on site, you can visit St. Florian’s amazing collection by prior arrangement.

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