St Dostojewskij, Merkel and a children’s book: Autumn novelties from storytelling publishers …

St Dostojewskij, Merkel and a children's book: Autumn novelties from storytelling publishers ...

14.10.2021 – 11:40

Story Publisher

The story-telling publisher from Berlin sees himself as a specialist publisher of free oral stories. With titles, seminars and workshops he promotes one of the oldest arts of mankind: storytelling from mouth to ear. Storytelling and storytelling unite people so that they can experience and learn from each other, on stage, and through biographies from generation to generation – how appropriate is this year’s motto of the Frankfurt Book Fair: Re: Connect! At the fair from 20.-24. 3.1 in October Hall, in connection with the C64 Bo.

  • Storytelling Publisher: Founded in Berlin in 2018, more than 50 titles in the program: Specialist and non-fiction books, stage texts, biographies, books for children and youth, teaching aids, school readings, and member of the Association of Narrators (VEE)
  • Presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair from 20.-24. On October 3.1, Stand C64 presents its event,
  • In particular, three new autumn publications, Dostoevsky, Merkel and Children’s Book:
  • Professor Dr. Johannes Merkel, look what we can see! A story telling story, 404 pages, with several pictures, 19 x 19 cm, hard cover with thread stitching ISBN 978-3-947831-51-7, 29.00

Free oral stories have been experiencing a revival for years. “The return to real and more humane public entertainment is from those countries where audio – visual media general narrative has almost disappeared.” Johannes Merkel in the latest issue of the story-telling publisher: Look, we can see! A story that tells a story. This is because media entertainment avoids what each storyteller can and cannot do: responds to the audience’s expectations and reactions with words, gestures, and stories, becoming an expert, collector, and connoisseur of oral literature, especially in fairy tales. “Its physical presence and instant verbal storytelling make it attractive again.” With great image material, the new publication reveals the richness of the narrative interaction between narrator and listener. This is done using selected narrative cultures from Japan, China, India, the Middle East, the Balkans, Central Europe, Ireland and North America. Their diverse presentation styles encourage them to experiment with different forms, storytelling, and engagement with the audience.

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  • A month with Dostoevsky. His Thoughts Close Hagler 124 pages, 10.5 x 14.8 cm, Thread binding ISBN 978-3-947831-56-2, 19.00 hard

Fyodor M. as Klose Hagler, a Potsdam journalist and poet. Rare scholars are deeply immersed in the thoughts of Dostoevsky (1821-1881). Each day of the month finds important quotations from the work of Hugler Dostoevsky, which opens the thoughts of the most important Russian writer. More questions and space for notes makes this Dostoevsky Booklet of the Year 2021 a personal companion. The woodcuts and drawings of Franz Masieril, Alfred Cubin and Wilhelm Gayler give the brewery its extraordinary character. Dostoevsky to think for himself!

  • Katrin Carstens | Julia Karik, Odile enjoys her blue wonder, 36 pages, 27.9 x 21.0 cm, hard cover ISBN 978-3-947831-59-3, 15.00

The car moved. To an old mill with its secrets. On the first night, she went on a discovery tour and found a small blue ghost. Only: It can no longer be hunted. Fortunately, Odell has an idea. – What you can’t do with an egg cup! A picture book that inspires children from the age of 4 to read aloud, to tell stories, and to immerse themselves.

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