St-Didier-N-Wale: An Intermission Meeting at Roger Potter School

St-Didier-N-Wale: An Intermission Meeting at Roger Potter School

The first intermission meeting of the Roger Potter Project was held on Friday, October 22 at the Public College of St. Didier-N-Vale.

Won the competition held at the end of the Irish General Classification from “Door of Hope”.

It was the last event after a series of Olympiads in EPS, French, English and History / Geography.

7 weeks to create a house

Teachers and students who had hoped and feared worked hard for weeks to complete their name, coat, motto, values, text, and song, thus perfecting their home presentation in front of the jury members of Roger Potter College.

Mrs. Baldonagal welcomed the sixth-class homes under the yard. Camille Snitch, faster than usual at this point, gave the initial signal to enter the scene of the houses coming under their banner, while the magical musician Lauren drew them to the sound of the horizontal flute.

“I Announce Roger Potter School’s First Inter-House Meeting”

One by one, the Scots of McLeodron (6th1), the Golden Phoenix’s English (6th22), the Irish of Porto de Elsparens (6th33), the Welsh of Griffus de Gaulles (6th4), and the inhabitants of the Sky de Griffclair (6e5) in their T-shirt colors, The nation they represent claimed their motto, the values ​​close to their hearts and the British flag, calling out the slogan and their chimpanzee beast.

So they proclaimed aloud and clearly:

For MacLeodron:

“We MacLeotrons are our mottoUnity is power, Our values Perseverance, courage, calmness, our coat Our elemental water, our chimeric animal, is a combination of the lion, the dragon, and the horse. We represent Scotland as shown on our flag “-The white cross on the blue background of St. Andrew-“

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Touches text and commentary Moving

The lesson they worked with their French teacher took on values ​​and slogans, and Cedric Garde sang a song about music referring to the British nation to which they were attached.

Thus, McLeotron was very successful in Nathan Evans’ adaptation of Wellerman, but stood out in Phoenix d’Or’s English Help by the Beatles. Their text was very rich, fun and realistic, a call for help to work together and succeed in college. Dawn of Hope on this occasion changed the title of the cranberry “Zombie” to “Life, Life, Life …”.

Toms Jones took over the Claus of Wales saying “this is not unusual”, and the successor of the magician’s apprentice Vikings Lightclow argued for white magic: light, wisdom, culture and tolerance make our world a better place.

After the break, Prefect In each class distributed to the young people in the sixth grade under their responsibility, there were quizzes about the movie Harry Potter and the magician’s stone seen in St. Didier’s movie that morning. Students and teachers wore costumes and accessories on the occasion.

The Prefect The quizzes were corrected and then handed over to Mrs. Baldonagal to establish the long-awaited public classification.

Irish crown at the Door of Hope (6e3)

6 Olympics, two points away from McLeodron. The score was tough, but Porto DL Esperance won by a total of 27 points.

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