Square Enix avoids the original Dragon Quest 11

Square Enix avoids the original Dragon Quest 11

Square Enix apparently delisted Dragon Quest XI: Echo of the Exclusive Age From the respective shops on different platforms. People can still play the game by buying Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of Exclusive Age – Definitive Edition, Owners of the original version will certainly be able to play it for what you have already paid for, but you will not find it now in the original different digital storefronts. The move highlighted some frustrations about the lack of upgrade options for those who want to switch from the original game to the following. Definition version.

People Reddit (Way Destructoid) Noticed the lack of game this week with the original version of Dragon Quest XI No longer available to buy on Steam. Other platforms like the PlayStation Store can say the same, but it only gives results for the demo for the game. Dragon Quest XI S: The Echo of the Exclusive Age – Definitive Edition The Steam page now contains two different notifications that listings are no longer available in the original and people may consider it Definition version.

“At the request of the publisher, Dragon Quest XI: Echo of the Exclusive AgeDigital version of the light Will not appear in search as it is not listed in the Steam Store The notice said.

Long-term critique of the media, delisting Dragon Quest XI The original version is more strategic because of the differences between the versions. The Definition version Since it is a port of the Nintendo Switch version of the game, it presents different graphics, so, some people prefer the original version, not the newer one.

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Content offered in it Specific version This may not be an incentive to give people the full $ 39.99, whether they experience the original or not. Things get more complicated as there is no option to upgrade from one version to another, so if you are probably seduced by the content Definition version If you want to try it out after beating the original, you should buy the game again.

Reviews in recent months The original game was praised but criticized for the lack of upgrade options. Recent reviews following delisting include negative reviews that address the same topic.

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