Spy, three messages arresting Marina-Courier.it officer

Spy, three messages arresting Marina-Courier.it officer

The A naval officer was arrested For espionageIt contains three messages in favor of Russia, all of which are important.

the first Our intelligence is workingThis is not a trivial matter in a country where there are still many things that do not work.

The second message is a confirmation: Civilian, military espionage, The Berlin Wall not only collapses and dies, but also enjoys better health among former nations (but sometimes allies) that included opposition groups during the Cold War If anything, it will intensify. The technological competition of our time is, by definition, military, and geopolitical instability provides ample room for intelligence to penetrate. If the allegations are confirmed, Our frigate captain It would be a traitor: but it does not become a special case in the West, Europe or NATO allies. Since mutual cooperation is always valid in these areas, it is important to know without acknowledging that the opportunities for espionage are being used against everyone, as happens in cyber raids: Those with technologies and men use them.

The third message awaits the outcome of the investigation into the Italian official and the nature of the documents delivered to Moscow, but this is now indicated. Damage will be limited In our crucial relationship with NATO and Russia. NATO and Russia are more useful for such events. If there are no other developments, Putin will react symmetrically by expelling two Italians (Dismissing a single officer would be a friendly gesture, but it is not part of the Kremlin’s habit).

Despite Biden’s ringing, the Italian policy of critical dialogue with Moscow can continue. NATO appreciates the efficiency of our services. Suppose our frigate captain cheated a Russian spy and secretly paid 5,000 euros, but there are no very relevant documents (there are many). If not, the question arises as to why the traitor got access to really important documents.

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Arrest of an Italian soldier: Story

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