Spotify’s Netflix Hub: Songs for series and movies

Spotify's Netflix Hub: Songs for series and movies

The collaboration between Spotify and Netflix provides podcasts, soundtracks and playlists for popular series such as Squid Game or Bridgerton. However, it is not for all users in the beginning.

Spotify users have created 22,500 playlists for the Netflix hit series Squid game After their great success. As many people want to expand their multimedia experience with popular series and movies, Spotify and Netflix are now working together. Spotify provides a Netflix hub with two major streaming platforms – a total of 580 million monthly active users. Soundtracks of movies like Red notice, Podcasts with statistics and background information Crown Or Shadow Bone Various playlists for the current series and movies are also waiting for the users there. However, the content is not yet available for all markets.

Netflix Hub: Spotify offers interaction options and lots of audio content

The co-op offer from Netflix and Spotify will initially be available to users in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland and India. However, we were able to Click on the link to the Netflix section Note the various playlists and podcasts so far. It is conceivable that additional exclusive content will be available in the indicated markets.

In addition to the audio content – including a special with Jay-Z in the new movie They fall harder and harder – Spotify still has features that promote user engagement. For example A quiz Find out what the character of the popular series is Home of money You will join. Inspired by the series and movies on the streaming platform, those interested can watch Spotify’s Hub. According to information from the blog post, the collection is constantly expanding. Through this collaboration, Spotify and Netflix hope that existing users will last longer – and grow in the number of paid users. You can find more information about Audio Crossover here In the official blog post Retrieved from Spotify.

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