Spotify premium mini plans launched in India start at $ 7 per day

Spotify premium mini plans launched in India start at $ 7 per day

Spotify India has updated two premium subscription plans. Spotify premium daily and weekly plans get discounts, now called ‘premium mini’.

Updated Spotify Premium Mini Plans Cost now 7 per day, and 25 per week. These plans were actually priced And 13 per day 39 per week. Plans of this size can only be used on Spotify’s mobile app, and are limited to one device at a time.

Premium mini plans come with access to the entire catalog of Spotify’s songs and podcasts, as well as an ad-free listening experience. However, it has a limit of 30 songs per device downloads. The maximum audio quality on Spotify’s premium mini plans is 160 kbps. This is exactly what you get with the ad-supported version of Spotify. Another limitation of premium mini plans is the removal of downloaded songs after subscription. So users will have to re-download all those songs.

The new Spotify Premium Mini plans are now live on the website and can be availed by users in India. Spotify has other premium plans for users who want more benefits. Spotify individual project costs 119 per month, and 1,428 per annum. Spotify currently offers an annual plan 999 will expire on December 31, 2020 as part of an offer. There is a Spotify Duo plan 149 per month for two accounts. Spotify also has a family plan 179 per month, with support for up to six months.

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