Spotify launches with Netflix, a hub dedicated to the platform’s soundtracks, playlists and podcasts

Spotify launches with Netflix, a hub dedicated to the platform's soundtracks, playlists and podcasts

The music and the small screen are always hand in hand. To prove it, Netflix and Spotify are teaming up by offering a space dedicated to the Netflix sound universe. Available Tuesday, Netflix Hub Allows you to find the soundtracks of your favorite Netflix programs on Spotify, and much more …

Is now launching a streaming music service as part of a partnership between Netflix and Spotify.Netflix Hub“, A place to focus on the official soundtracks and playlists of major Netflix movies and series Things unfamiliar, Money Heist, Narcos: Mexico, Where Squid game, As well as official Netflix podcasts OK, Listen now, Netflix is ​​an everyday joke, 10/10 (Recommended), And Crown: Official Podcast.

The two companies have a ” Better album experience For Westerners They fall harder and harder It also gives fans a game / quiz around the series about creating a Jay-Z-directed soundtrack. Money Heist. Netflix hopes to continue to power this hub and plans to add exclusive content to it in the coming months.

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Note that Netflix did not pay for this hub. It’s a collaboration between two companies with a common DNA that wants to bring new content to their respective fans. But this hub is not new to Spotify, which started similar hubs with Disney (which includes official Disney playlists, Disney-themed soundtracks and podcasts) or Ploton (which includes Ploton Instructor’s playlists by Python). Recently, the artist collaborated with Spotify GIPHY earlier this year to introduce music users to music through GIFs.

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To see if the relationship between the two platforms goes further. Both are rivals to Apple, which offers an entire universe of games, music, video and sports. So broad participation makes perfect sense. Meanwhile, the Netflix Hub is already available for free or premium to all users in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and India. They need to access it by typing “Netflix” in the Spotify search bar. For other countries like France, you have to go through the link Following, Because the search does not work.

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