Sportswear Trophy 2021: Vote for Sportswomen in the Pyrenees-Orientals

Sportswear Trophy 2021: Vote for Sportswomen in the Pyrenees-Orientals

L’Independant is organizing the “2021 Sports Trophies” in collaboration with the Occitanie Region. Opportunity to highlight the best athletes in the Pyrenees-Oriental category. Internet users can vote until March 1 and choose the winner in six categories. The presentation of the trophies will take place on March 23 at the Park des Exposition in Montpellier. Here are the three nominees for the “Sports” category.

Rugby Union: Serial Bonnet (Montpellier HR)

Serial Bonnet, 27, the 3/4 international arm of Montpellier, who grew up in Salancu, near Villalong and Connaught, never did half the work. We can even say that she loves doubles. Like two attempts in the Six Nations tournament (53-16) against Ireland in the spring. During the victory over defending world champions New Zealand (38-13), his two attempts a year before the World Cup in Black Fern were even stronger. The only drawback for the Serial Bonnet and Les Blues: they have never beaten the English in 9 matches!

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Swimming: Margox Fabre (Connaught 66 Swimming)

In the water, for a long time, Margot Fabre, her father was a lifeguard, in her unit. The 29-year-old Catalan enjoys swimming or sports rescue. The man who won the European Junior Championship in 2007 and won two golds in the relay at the 2018 European Championships in Glasgow is still highly regarded. Five years after the Rio Olympic Games and a relay final, the Canadian 66 Nation member, who trains and resides in Montpellier, attended the Olympic Games in Tokyo last summer. With the key to eighth place in the final of the 4×200 NL relay.

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Rugby 7: Fanny Horta (captain of the French team)

Even in her wildest dreams, Fanny Horta was not sure if she would ever end her career in an Olympic final. And yet! On July 30, at the age of 7, she was in Tokyo, the captain of the French team in the final of the Olympics against New Zealand. Despite a defeat (26-12), before joining the INSEP and signing a professional contract with the French Federation of Rugby, the money made the Catalans who studied at Toulouse in the USAP that day happy. Fanny Horta, who retired from the field at the age of 35, is currently a member of the Paris 2024 Athletes Commission.

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