Sports in the European Union (1)

Sports in the European Union (1)

Although sportswear is still the responsibility of member states, the sector is important in Europe, representing 15 million jobs, between 3.4 percent and 3.7 percent of GDP. In addition, the continent is known around the world. When the EU intervenes in addition to national initiatives, one of its main goals today is to strengthen the social dimension of the sport. In addition, the European Union is intervening in sports that are still part of the potential of member states. In this area, one of its main objectives is to strengthen the social dimension of the sport.

Sports weight in Europe

At the level of the European continent, the sports sector represents a significant part of the production of wealth. Studies are very rare, outdated, and deviating at this stage, but they estimate that 15 million jobs represent between 3.4 percent and 3.7 percent of GDP, depending on counting methods.

In terms of systems, the diversity of the continent is also its feature. While some sports are played everywhere or in many countries, such as football, basketball, tennis or athletics, others are more explicit to certain countries or regions. Skiing is also a matter of rugby, or even galley sports, which are especially popular in the mountains, the British Isles, France and Italy, where training is logically more common in the Nordic countries. As their name implies, Ireland. Many of these subjects originated in the European continent and are part of its cultural heritage today.

In addition, many Europeans, in their twenties, practice sports as an amateur. According to the European Parliament, about 60% of the population is affected, while there are 700,000 sports clubs in the European Union.

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According to a Eurobarometer survey, more than 40% of Europeans practice sports on a weekly basis. Although certain sports are essential in all countries, in practice and in popularity, the specifics remain among Europeans.

European Week of Sport (EWOS)

The European Commission presented the European Week of Sport (EWOS) in 2015.

Inspired by the “Sentes-Vous Sport” project launched by the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) in 2010, European Sports Week aims to promote physical exercise and sport for all spectators at all levels. Themes: Educational atmosphere, workplaces, do-outdoor spaces, fitness clubs. A special site was launched by the European executive, while performances on social networks were associated with the hashtag #beactive, followed by the Twitter account TwitterEuSport.

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