“Sports have stopped across Europe, but I hope we can resume by the end of the month” – Svsport.it

"Sports have stopped across Europe, but I hope we can resume by the end of the month" - Svsport.it

Sports Minister Roberto Spadaphora returned to speak, now less than a week after the DPCM expired.

If the pessimism among sports operators spreads by at least the reopening of gyms and swimming pools by the end of January, the minister has not yet ruled out this possibility, repeating the pandemic difficulties not only in Italy but across the European context:

“Today is Saturday, January 9: the bulletin killed 620 people yesterday alone.

Across Europe, sport is practically stagnant. In German gyms, swimming pools and sports centers will be closed from November 2, at least until the end of the month. The situation is similar in France, Ireland and Great Britain (which have already announced they want to close everything by mid-February), in almost all Spain and Finland.

More than 2 million high school girls and boys are still not allowed to go to school because of a major health emergency.

Restaurants, bars, all kinds of shops and even shopping centers are forced to open and close according to the colors of the areas that cause the greatest damage to the economy and employment (today and tomorrow, for example, throughout Italy, shopping centers and restaurants are closed).

Yet reading some comments on social media it seems that the sport is only stopping in Italy when all other activities are resumed!

I understand the difficulties the sports world has been going through for a long time, which is why I am always working to support and continue this. Let us go into the facts:

– We work with CTS (Technical Scientific Committee) every week on a profitable way to reopen, which will be gradual according to the colors of the regions, and I hope to be able to restart by the end of the month;

– Non-refundable refills, at least provided by the Sports Department, including rent, utilities and other expenses until the end of January. We are not talking about a small change, suppose we have allocated 35 160 million for more than 35,000 ASDs and SSDs in this second phase of the epidemic alone.

– Updates of Revenue Agencies for all VAT numbers calculated in different parameters, I have not decided; I will point out the critical issues reported in the new January decree.

To resume, we are developing an extraordinary assistance plan for all sports facilities, and to encourage recovery for all citizens.

I repeat that Italian sports, especially the underclass, sports associates, ASDs, SSDs, and all the other players in the sports world have not received as much attention as at this historic moment !.

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