Sports Body to Investigate Armag’s All-Ireland Celebrations as County Denies IRA Singing

Sports Body to Investigate Armag's All-Ireland Celebrations as County Denies IRA Singing

Ulster Kamogi referred to an incident that followed the Junior All-Ireland final to the Sports Governing Body.

This is because Armag Kamogi vehemently denied suggestions that people associated with a video clip team taken over the weekend were singing pro-IRA songs.

The video shows the celebrations following the county’s All-Ireland Premier Junior final victory over Cavan.

A clip posted on Instagram over the weekend shows people in the dressing room area opening a bottle of champagne, shouting “Oh, oh, up the ra”.

Armag sent a video clip to Kamogi and Ulster Kamogi in response.

Armag Kamogi said in a statement that they had rejected any suggestion made by the IRA following the match.

“They sang Armag. Armag County Kamogi is a sports organization and should not be associated with any political organization. ”

Ulster Kamogi said in a statement that he became aware of the misconduct after the All – Ireland Junior Championship final on Saturday, December 5th.

“We have referred the matter to the Kamoji Association and there are no further comments.”

Sam Nicholson, Ulster Unionist Councilor in Armagh, expressed his disgust at any sectarian chanting.

“This is undoubtedly the team’s best sporting achievement and it deserves an evening of team celebrations that marked a historic victory in Cavan,” he said.

However, the glorification of terrorism transmitted across social media sends a very bad message not only to the Unionist community but also to anyone affected by IRA terrorism throughout the issues.

“This is particularly disappointing, because any pro-IRA mantra that explicitly glorifies terrorism does not show sympathy for the victims of terrorism or the crime, thoughts or sympathy they commit.”

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He continued: “Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. In July 2019, members of the Tyrone senior men’s panel were seen on social media abusing sectarian bands in Ognacloy. ”

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